This Bridge Is So Scary That People Actually Pay To Avoid Driving On It

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Everyone has fears, but some of them are more rational than others. A fear of heights is a pretty common one, but this bridge terrifies drivers whether they have a history of that fear or not.

This impressive piece of architecture runs a hefty 4.3 miles long. This one bridge is longer than some daily commutes to work!

And also induces vertigo for any driver who looks down while making the nerve-wracking crossing.

As ridiculous as that sounds, it’s true. I don’t know how your driver is supposed to get back after he takes you across, but I guess that’s not your problem…

Which can become quite time-consuming if traffic isn’t kind. (And it rarely is.)

Some people might prefer a ferry to the vomit-inducing height of the bridge, despite the eternity a ferry would take.

I actually drove on this bridge twice, and the height never bothered me as much as the incredible slow traffic did. It made Los Angeles look like a motor speedway!

Plus, it is the only way across the bay so I can’t be too hard on it. We have no excuse like that for the traffic in Los Angeles; there are plenty of ways to get around!

So if you ever find yourself in Maryland, be sure to check out this display of mankind’s architectural muscles. (If you’d prefer to do it from the safety and comfort of the shores, that’s…understandable.)