This Brutally Honest Job Posting Has Everyone Wondering What Is Going on in This Office

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More than one person is having a bad day at Timeout New York. Not only is their photo desk totally overworked, but whoever posted the opening for the position they desperately need to fill has officially goofed. It seems they’ve simply copy and pasted an email describing why the position needs to be filled, and has everyone on Twitter worrying about Melissa.

Having to tailor your resume to each job’s requirements can be a time consuming task. And plenty of job applicants just wish they could get inside the recruiter’s head to know exactly what they’re looking for in a candidate.

In this extra-long job posting, we hear the woeful tale of Melissa, who is totally overwhelmed for lack of qualified freelancers. And the posting flatly explains that the position is being created to prevent her from leaving. It’s clearly an email some poor HR kid copy and pasted into a posting without thinking, but it’s a great inside look.

Jaws collectively dropped as the posting went further and further into detail about the chaos that is the Timeout New York photo department. And confusion mounted as people wondered just how on Earth someone would hit ‘submit’ on this after entering it.

Who knew wrangling freelancers could be such an insurmountable task. Not to mention the dearth of talent in a world where it seems just about everyone has access to professional camera equipment.

People felt for the poor, overworked Melissa, and they took to Twitter to voice their concern. And also, of course, to give Melissa credit for holding out this long, all while apparently doing a good enough job that the magazine would hire a whole new person just to keep her happy. But that wasn’t all…

Turns out there is no shortage of people who know exactly what it feels like to be trapped in an overwhelming job. A job at an actual magazine where no one apparently even has time to proofread a job posting before it goes up.

Anyone working as hard as Melissa has been clearly deserves some major rewards. So why not, in addition to a fat raise, she get an enthusiastic, desperate young person to follow her around with hot coffee everywhere?

While the hashtag itself didn’t catch on, several people were ready to take a stand in her name. Could Melissa be the next Bernie Sanders? Or is her fifteen minutes of fame over already? As long as she eventually gets a lunch break, it’s fine either way.

Whoever they are, here’s hoping they have nine roommates and a crate of ramen nearby. Because this is not much to live on in one of the most expensive cities on Earth. Though from the sound of the ad, you might not even need a place to live, since it seems they rarely get to go home.

The post paints an incredibly bleak picture of life at the magazine. And anyone who isn’t absolutely desperate might see it as a sign that things maybe aren’t as fun behind the scenes of the popular publication. Though we’d certainly love the opportunity to buy Melissa a drink at the next office happy hour. So what was the fallout at the actual office?

Someone finally realized their horrible mistake, unfortunately well after it had gone viral. Or maybe, just maybe, the position was filled. Let’s hope it’s someone who’ll be good to our new friend Melissa.