This Café Had the PERFECT Response To a 1-Star Review of Their Food

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What do you do when you get an unfairly bad Yelp review?

You spin it, of course!

But with those high stakes come drastic reactions to bad reviews.

And why wouldn’t they? It’s easy, and you can see a lot of different opinions if you put in the time.

Getting bad feedback from a critic is one thing. But when everyone’s a critic? Yikes.

THAT’S unfair. Not only does it hurt feelings (It really does), but it can hurt or even shut down businesses.

But what happens when someone crosses the line? One coffee shop went on the offensive after getting a salty and groundless one-star review. See what they did.

Unfortunately, a female customer who was less than thrilled with her porridge (think Goldilocks) left a 1-star review on TripAdvisor.

Really? You’re slamming porridge?

Some think so, apparently. So they share their experience with the world.

The above picture was taken by a passerby and posted on his Instagram account, and since then, it’s gone downright viral.  

As for the review itself, Nook’s manager Arlo Calderbank told the Manchester Evening News that he was trying “to do something different,” even if “the lady’s comment was quite disappointing because we try to provide the best service at all times. Seeing the comment pop up on TripAdvisor was a bit of a shame.” Turns out, Nook even gave her a refund that she failed to mention in her review.

Arlo told the Manchester Evening News, “I check what’s being said on there every day. We do genuinely take all comments seriously. It’s really useful to see what the customers have been saying and to take on board feedback.” And at the end of the day, a positive reaction to a negative situation probably gave them better publicity than they normally get from a positive review. We’ll chalk that up as a win! Is this the best sign you’ve seen outside of a store? Don’t answer that until you’ve seen these!

These may be the one creative outlet some servers and baristas get all day.

They’re often little gems of pop culture wordplay, trying to make less of a statement. Rather, they just exist to get a laugh.

Which could lead to a little business, if only out of curiosity.

Might as well have fun if you’re going to be unproductive.

But the creative ones who have been wronged find a way to get their point across. The creative ones who haven’t just try to make you laugh.