This Cherry Blossom Tree Is Made out of Over 800,000 Lego Bricks

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Art comes in all sorts of different forms, from paintings to sculptures to intricate designs all the way to minimalism. Whatever you’re into, you can bet someone has been paid thousands and thousands of dollars to create a piece for humans to marvel at. There is often some depth to artists and why they create their pieces but sometimes, it’s just to beat a world record.

This cherry blossom tree has just broken the Guinness World Record for the most bricks used in a LEGO creation and we have to say, it’s amazing.

Keep scrolling to see some other worthy competitors in the art as well as the coveted blossom tree…

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Nathan Sawaya created all these amazing pieces you’re about to see.

And he’s exceptionally talented at what he does.

Can you believe this is made entirely of LEGO?

This is the literal definition of art imitating art.

Did you ever think you would ever see a LEGO version of such a masterpiece?

I think I prefer this one to the original.

After being a lawyer for a few years, the artist, Nathan Sawaya decided to give up that life and become a sculpture artist.

This one is so impressive.

This piece of art must have taken so long to complete.

Edvard Munch who?

Imagine having the patience to be able to finish something as amazing as this.

The details on this one are bloody amazing.

Imagine being this talented?

This one is especially for all the couples out there. Happy (early) Valentine’s Day.

How does one even portray emotion through LEGO? This piece is simply stunning.

This piece of art has recently broken the record for the most bricks used in a Lego piece, with the total standing at 881,470.

Weighing in at just over 7,348 pounds of Legos, this piece is supported by PVC pipes to help it stay standing.

The cherry blossom tree took 6,500 hours to complete and stands at fourteen feet tall, and 5 feet wide.

We love it so much!

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