This Clever Girl Created a Fake Starbucks Drink, Then Trolled Her Friends With It

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By now, anyone who has spent much time online has heard about the legendary “secret menu items” offered by the likes of Starbucks, In-n-Out, and Chipotle.

People are so quick to get in on the “secrets” that they’re willing to believe just about anything.

Don’t agree? Just wait and see.

Don’t let the sweet face or nerdy glasses fool you. This girl’s devious.

She thought the drink looked cool, so she posted it to Snapchat where it became a whole big…thing.

The friends weren’t familiar with that drink with the odd name.

It’s almost too perfect. I don’t know if people have ordered it, but considering how viral this has gone, Starbucks might just have to start carrying it.

Maybe it’s the name. Or the fact that “secret menu” items are so silly to begin with.

Who would have thought the Frappajappajooza would be such a hit? Even Laylah would be shocked by how this played out. Maybe she’ll get to name a REAL drink once all this dust settles.