This Company’s Foot Peel Product Is Truly Magical

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If you’ve never experienced the glory of a foot peel, you my friend are in for a treat. I had seen videos of them before: the uber satisfying yet still kind of disgusting moment of peeling sheets of dead skin off the bottom of a foot videos. After spending many days indoors, I decided it was time to truly treat myself: I was going to try one. See what all the fuss was about.

Oh baby. The fuss does not do it justice. I have never experienced such deep satisfaction as the moment I first got to snag a little piece of skin and just. Keep. Pulling. It was like nothing I’d ever felt before. If that’s not enough to convince you that it’s time to try out a little foot peel of your own, let’s take a quick journey through what it’s like to use one. Maybe it’s not life changing, but it’s certainly foot changing.

Do Your Feet Look Something Like This?

Yes, it’s gross. If you’ve got callouses, bunions, dead skin, peeling or flaking bits…any of those nasty little foot quirks that you would rather just disappeared, then you know it’s time to get a foot peel. It’s going to soften everything up and let all the nasty fall right on off.

It Starts With a Bag

Ok, here’s how it’s gonna work. You’ll take out the foot peel and it will look like a weird plastic bag. Trust the process. This is gonna be great. Slide it on your foot and leave it there. I recommend doing this step while happily seated on the couch watching something trashy, because you don’t want to walk around in these slippery plastic slippers.

Now for the Reveal

When your time’s up, pull those foot bags off and wash your feet down. Now is where things are going to get fun. It might take some time for your feet to start showing results. Mine took about three days, so this is an exciting time of mystery and uncertainty. But when the results hit? Oh. You’ll know.

Peel It Baby.

You’ll know the foot peel has hit when you wake up to feet that look something like this. You’ll have skin sliding off your feet in sheets. If you’re an absolute gross human like me, this is where you get the satisfaction of peeling all that badness off and tossing it in the trash. Be reborn my friends.

Luxuriate in Your Smooth New Feet

I usually find that after about a week all the excess has sloughed off and my feet are in their final form: post foot peel, soft, and smooth. I legitimately have never had feet that looked better. I like to keep a foot peel on hand to use every month or so, just to keep things looking beautiful. And at under $15, that’s a truly economical way to have gorgeous tootsies.