How do lobsters and the concept of death go together? Microbiology student Junius (@JUNIUS_64) took Twitter by surprise with their explanation.

Simply put: lobsters might have the secret to never aging, and therefore eternal life, if only their growth didn’t get the better of them. And the reasoning behind this is truly fascinating.

Turns out, you don’t need a fountain of youth. Just be a lobster!

Here’s the tea, everyone:

I’d love to see how that deal went down.

Needless to say, the Twitterverse was intrigued.

Lobsters and eternal youth? Do tell!

Apparently, old age isn’t a problem for lobsters!

…And the rest of us are super jealous.

Take this lobster for example:

ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY YEARS OLD. That lobster had been born in the 1830s!

How to lobsters pull this off? Here’s where we get into the science:

And how are those little telomeres making the difference between lobsters and us? Keep reading to find out!

So we (humans) decline…

Do we have to? *Glares at reflection in the mirror*

And this is the whole reason we die of old age:

Kind of anticlimactic; our cells eventually just go ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But lobsters have an enzyme to counteract that effect!

And it’d be cool if we did that, too, but there’s a reason why we don’t.

Because we’ve got the same enzyme, but there’s a catch.

Yep. In our world, the formula that works for lobsters means cancer for us.

Family Guy is an odd basis for comparison, but it works in this scenario:

Death still comes for lobster-kind, however. Find out how that ol’ deal with the devil—ahem, how nature takes its course—on the next page!

But wait! Lobsters still have pitfalls of their own.

Valar morghulis, dear lobsters.

Even lobsters have a breaking point.

Poor crustaceans. So close, yet so far.

Imagine having to replace your skeleton every so often.

Still, the whole ‘not-aging’ thing is a pretty cool party trick.

As it is with humans, so it is with lobsters.

The beginnings and endings of life are both exhausting. We feel you, young lobsters. Puberty sucks.

Honestly, who has ever had a moving day that wasn’t exhausting?

#RELATABLE So, how did lobsters manage to still draw the short end of the stick? Find out on the next page, along with some of the best reactions from Twitter!

For lobsters, the end comes when they’re just too much of a homebody.

I just really want to see a ‘mega-lobster.’

The jury’s still out on what the actual cause of death would be.

Still, somebody out there might know!

So, to summarize:

Probably no underworld dealings involved, but it is fun to imagine that lobsters had it all figured out—until they got too big for their shells.

Some people felt there was a different pitfall to immortality than the one discussed.

I mean…they’re also not wrong.

Nevertheless, enjoy this mini-lesson on lobsters and life. We sure did!

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