This HUGE Hit ’90s Toy Is Coming Back and People Are Freaking Out

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Everything old is new again. The ’90s are making a comeback in fashion, movie remakes, music stylings, and now toys too. While parents everywhere may be rolling their eyes at their daughters’ sudden need for a choker necklace and platform flip flops, the return of this toy might be met with more parental excitement, even if the kids don’t get it.

Parents and teachers know that kids today are far too engaged in life. They spend too much time outdoors, and too much time socializing face to face with their friends. They are far too focused and present, and are in desperate need of something to offer up random distractions.

Remember the good old ’90s? Back then kids had healthy digital distractions. Tamagotchi pets were all the rage.

That’s right! Tiny digital pets with recurring needs are back, and tinier than ever. Newer, smaller, and just as addicting as the first set.

Now parents everywhere can add “feed my kid’s dumb digital pet” to their daily list of chores. Isn’t this great?! Sure, the digi-pets are a commitment, but you get so much back from them! All that love and affection. Oh, right. No, there’s none of that.

And people are LOVING it…

Teachers everywhere can rejoice. Whenever a hot new toy comes out, teachers are some of the first to enjoy it. They especially love things that make noise periodically.

It comes in six colors and promises to be just as “exciting” as the old version. The thing is, kids today aren’t quite the same as kids back in the ’90s. Are they going to go nuts for a digi-pet?

Remember how freaking cool a diskman was? Think kids today would think so? Probably not.

What other electronic, digital, or virtual stuff did a ’90s kid have? Compared to kids now, they were practically cavekids. Can a pixelated pet really compete for a modern kid’s attention?

Phones and iPads already ding randomly to remind kids that it’s been awhile since they focused on Candy Mania or Clumsy Ninja. Their virtual babies need tending, their zombies need killing, and their ropes need cutting. And all of these things have one thing in common: there’s an app for that. Will kids go for a new old toy digital pet?

Nostalgia is a powerful thing and whether these were ever a good idea, millions of ’90s kids loved them. Those kids are now grown and have kids of their own, who are gonna need some Christmas presents.