This CW Star Has Recruited 25 Women into a Terrifying Slave Cult

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It seems as if every day there’s new information about Hollywood’s seedy underbelly. Unfortunately, today is no different. Last month, The New York Times reported on the self-help organization called NXIVM. The organization purportedly offers classes designed to empower women in their 30s and 40s by teaching them to eliminate psychological and emotional barriers. In reality, it’s more of a cult that forcibly brands women and refers to them as slaves.

New reports have revealed that actress Allison Mack is deeply involved in NXIVM, and in fact may even be among its most elite members.

You might recognize Mack best from her role on the CW show Smallville. She played the character of Clark Kent/Superman’s friend Chloe Sullivan.

However, her actions these days are anything but heroic. According to NXIVM’s former publicist, Frank Parlato, Mack is heavily involved in a cult called DOS — believed to be short for “dominus obsequious sororium” (Latin for “master over the slave women”). Parlato, who worked for NXIVM for several months in 2007, says that Mack has recruited as many as 25 women into the slave cult where they are ordered to follow her commands 24 hours a day.

According to Parlato, the slaves of DOS are told to fast for 12 hours a day, take cold showers, and perform a “daily act to honor” for their master. They are also forced to provide one new piece of collateral — which they simply call “C” — on the first day of every month. The collateral can come in the form of nude pictures, videotaped confessions, or financial information, and it will be published if the slave ever tries to escape the group. Parlato claims that if slaves fail to follow their master’s commands, they’re beaten with a paddle.

As Raniere’s slave, Mack is forced to run 40 miles a week while keeping a strict diet of only 500–800 calories per day. She also has to recruit “bed partners” for Raniere. Parlato says that some women who have escaped the cult have told him that they were forced to sleep with Raniere and that Mack became jealous because “she really wants to be with him.”

According to the New York Times report on NXIVM, women are told they’ll get a small tattoo as part of the initiation process. They’re then told to undress and lie down a massage table, while three people hold down their arms and legs so they can’t escape. One woman’s master told her to say, “Master, please brand me. It would be an honor.” At that point, a female doctor used a cauterizing device to burn a small symbol into the skin below her hip.

But we’re warning you: It’s weird. Super weird. It will give you the heebie jeebies. In response to the latest reports, Mack’s publicist has said that “Allison is passing on all press inquiries at this time.”