This Dad’s Reaction to His Wife Suggesting They Get a Fake Christmas Tree Is Hysterical

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When it comes to Christmas trees, are you a real tree kind of person or are you happy to hang your ornaments on a fake tree? While some people don’t mind a plastic tree (and some of them actually look remarkably real), others pine for that real tree and wouldn’t even consider one that wasn’t once alive.

A dad on Twitter this week is DEFINITELY in Camp Real Tree — as you can see in this hilarious video his daughter posted of his reaction when his wife brought home a fake tree.

Some people swear by their artificial trees. They can take a lot of hassle out of Christmas decorating with some even come pre-lit. Plus, they don’t shed those pine needles that you’re somehow still finding when you sweep up in July.

For them, giving up the yearly search for the tree that’s just a little bit uneven-in-the-perfect-way and has that real pine smell is basically the true meaning of Christmas.

Twitter user @madnap21 posted a video of her mom telling her dad that she was considering a fake Christmas tree, and his reaction is making people on Twitter weep with laughter.

He’s not mad — he just can’t believe his wife would betray him like this.

That exaggerated frown! He looks like a cartoon! This is a meme waiting to happen. 

He’s so outraged at the suggestion. Like that scented candle would personally ruin Christmas for him.

“I know what’s happened to you, and I know that I can’t solve it”— keep in mind that he’s talking about his wife getting a fake Christmas tree. It’s not like she suddenly announced that she was leaving him and quitting her job to pursue her dream of competitive ice dancing.

The Twitter user who posted the video of her parents then posted a sweet collage of her parents to show the haters that they were, aside from some Christmas squabbles, actually a super cute couple.

They loved it.  

Nobody could have predicted that he would be so sad.

For a short video, there was a lot to choose from.

They ended up getting a real tree in the end, and I’m sure the mom got to keep that scented candle. So really, everyone wins.