Jill Harpin is an active, adventurous, fun-loving young woman who happens to live her life in a wheelchair. With help from her dad, she transformed her wheelchair into an awesome iron throne for Halloween. She even dressed up like Khalessi from Game of Thrones, like the real life queen she is.

The photo was posted to Reddit just a 23 hours ago and is already trending with more than a thousand comments.

This is Jill's second Halloween in a wheelchair.

She was paralyzed in April of 2016 and has been working hard to regain her active lifestyle. She shares pictures on her Instagram page documenting her journey.

She's been working hard in physical therapy.

Her captions are lighthearted but she doesn't try to sugarcoat her journey. It's awesome that she's sharing her genuine experience with the world.

She has a great sense of humor.

She said that Dwight Schrute is her Man Crush Monday, so, obviously, she's an awesome lady for that alone. One year for Halloween, she carved a pumpkin of the scariest thing she could think of. (It was student loans.)

While Jill documents her adventures on Instagram, she shows her struggles as well.

She shared this post talking about the difficulty of living with a spinal cord injury as well as how much her life has changed since the accident. She talked about how much she has accomplished since then, too.

She's accomplished so much in the past year!

She's even taken up hand-cycling as a hobby and competes in 10ks. Her most recent post features her Halloween costume, which is just SERIOUSLY awesome...

Jill spent the month leading up to Halloween putting the costume together with help from her dad.

She told Storyful, "Luckily for me, there were loads of Jon Snows out that night who wanted to snap some pictures together." We can finally stop speculating about who will end up on the iron throne because Jillian is clearly owning it!