Parenting is exhausting work, especially when you have a newborn in the house; you have to be available when they need something though, so you learn to stumble through and get the job done, no matter how tired you are.

Luckily, taking care of your baby becomes such second nature that you can soon do it on auto-pilot when you have to. When your baby starts crying at 2 AM, you manage to feel your way through the dark (with your eyes still mostly closed) and get halfway through the feeding before you even realize you're out of bed. You can do drowsy diaper changes, sleepily sway with them in your arms, or instinctively snag the pacifier and wipe it off before you consciously notice she dropped it.

In short, parenting becomes such second nature that you can't turn it off.

Even when you're sleeping, apparently.

At least that's what happened to this dad, who was napping in a chair when he heard his baby start to cry and fuss.

Naturally he did what any parent would do; he held the baby, gently patting his back to soothe him. And he did it without even waking up! The only problem? The baby was imaginary. Moments later, the camera pans over to the baby's mama, who's actually holding the newborn — and who seems to have figured out the real secret to calming their little one, who stops fussing the moment Mom starts laughing hysterically at Dad.

Laugh along with this relatable parenting moment below.

Now that's some high quality napping — and multi-tasking like only a parent can!