A long, long time ago, a decision was made.

That decision was that women are supposed to be smooth shaven, and men are supposed to be ... well, whatever they were naturally.

This decision has persisted.


Through the years, decades, and centuries. And by now, a lot of people are pretty attached to it.

But not everyone!

We should all take a minute every once in a while. To salute the people who question these practices, long taken for granted.

Morgan Mikenas is one such person.

She's become distinguished on Instagram for her refusal to follow society's body hair trends. An even more impressive position given what she does for a living.

Morgan Mikenas has garnered a huge following on Instagram thanks to her fitness related posts, which she hoped would inspire her thousands of fans to get healthy. Last year, she decided to take it to a whole different direction.

Morgan hasn't shaved her armpits or legs since the beginning of 2016, and now, she's proudly showing off her natural body on Instagram.

She did something a lot of women wish they could do.

But for one reason or another they thought they couldn't pull it off. Could that be changing? And no, I'm not talking about laser hair removal.

She last picked up a razor at the start of 2016 and now proudly shares photos of her natural leg and underarm hair — and body-positive messages — on Instagram to more than 8,000 followers.

In a video posted on YouTube titled "Why I Don't Shave", Morgan explained: 'I want to inspire others... I guess my number one reason why I stopped was that it took so much time. "It took so much of my time to just get in the shower and have to shave everything and then wash my hair and then wash my body..."

Her mission in this project was simple.


She stated her goals simply and clearly. But really her photos kind of speak for themselves.

"I want everybody to not feel ashamed of themselves... Why would I remove something that mother nature has put on our bodies and obviously intended for us to have?"

"I would feel obligated to shave my legs to feel good and feel sexy. But not any more," she added, 'My boyfriend likes it and he thinks that I look beautiful either way.'"

Some guys would scoff at that.


But on the next page you can see that it's true. So read on.

Here's a pic of Morgan and her boyfriend.

It's taken from her Instagram account. He looks happy, right?

NOT that making your boyfriend happy is the point.


Obviously, the point is to encourage women (and everyone else) to do what makes them happy. Regardless of what society says.

"I want everybody to not feel ashamed of themselves," she continued. "Why would I remove something that mother nature has put on our bodies and obviously intended for us to have?"

You can see the full clip here:

The video quickly went viral.

And the rest is body shaving history. Or should that be body not-shaving history?