Summer is in full swing, which means pools are open for business. And if you have a one in your backyard, you know full well that they're a lot of work to maintain, especially if living creatures find a home in them.

Unfortunately, this can sometimes become a death trap for them, but luckily there's now a way to prevent that.

Enter the FrogLog.

Biologist Rich Mason came up with the invention in 2004, when his friends discovered dead frogs in their new in-ground pool. As a result, Mason constructed the FrogLog, which is essentially a life-raft to help tiny creatures out of the water and onto dry land. Since animals instinctively go to the edge of pools looking for a way out, it has helped not just frogs, but mice, snakes, and even birds out of harm's way.

Problem solved and lives saved, all for the low price of around $48 on Amazon.

The reviews are pretty good so far with tons of FrogLog fans reporting an animal death-free summer pool experience, and who doesn't want an animal death-free summer pool experience? Exactly. For more information, be sure to check out the FrogLog website.