Birds are fascinating creatures. There are so many different species, and they are all beautiful in different ways. It can be easy to overlook the variety of wildlife in our own backyards, but it is always nice to stop and smell the roses, or you know, look at all the birds, once in a while. One woman is sharing her rich wildlife observations with the internet, and we are all the better for it! Her name is Lisa, but on Instagram, she is @Ostdrosseland she shares screenshots from her amazing backyard bird cam.

She attracts all manner of flighty creatures throughout the seasons, and they are so much more beautiful up close than we give them credit for. Lisa experimented with all types of food to attract these birds, and she uses a discreet camera with a motion sensor that does not upset or disturb the birds at all! You have to see these photos; they're magical.


Seeing a red cardinal in the wintertime is a magical thing in and of itself, but this close up? Look at the tuft on his head! So regal.

Bearded lady

The "Bearded Lady" is what Lisa calls this gorgeous bird, and I can see why! She looks so wise, am I right?

Cutie Patootie

There are so many species of birds, and I hardly know any of them, but I think this little dude is technically called the "Cutie Patootie."


According to Lisa, this iridescent beaut is the European starling. There is a literal rainbow on this bird's back. He's amazing!


I love these little bluebirds because it's like a blue version of a robin, with its red chest, and that's my name! It's a long winding road of logic but just go with it.

American goldfinch

This tiny bird reminds me of the book The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt, which was a really big, famous book that I didn't really like very much. But I definitely recommend The Secret History, another book by Donna Tartt.

Blue jay

This guy looks like the seed selection in this bird feeder is not exactly thrilling him. He has a refined palate.


This cardinal is taking a moment to soak in the beauty of the morning, and honestly, I don't blame her. It's gorgeous.


The camera caught this little Goldfinch just as he was about to land and have a meal. He's got an eagle eye on those sunflower seeds.

Mourning dove

I'm sure this is a beautiful mourning dove, but the camera just caught her doing a crazy face. I can relate.

Total showoff

Lisa tells us that this is a white-breasted nuthatch. He's super tiny, but he has a big ol' beak so he can pick out delicious seeds.

Red-winged blackbird

Why are birds so cool?! This guy looks like a character out of Game of Thrones or something. That splash of color is super pretty.

Chunky monkey

Even though I called this guy a chunky monkey, he's not actually a monkey. He's a junco, which is also a really silly, funny name.


This European starling is clearly experiencing some of that traditional winter static electricity.

Pretty pair

If I was a bluebird, I would love to be taken on a date to the nicest bird feeder in the country. They are an adorable couple.

Mourning dove

Mourning doves, or as I like to call them, fancy pigeons, are really beautiful birds, but they are also super silly. Scroll through the pictures for evidence!

Team of finches

This is the first album cover for The Finches' debut album, Birdsongs. It's 40 minutes of nonstop, well, bird songs.


In case you didn't know, this is what happens to bird feathers when there is a strong wind from behind. So silly.

Spring bird

Finally, it's spring! This oriole (yes, as in the Baltimore Orioles) is just as excited to see green grass as we are.


This is an insanely good and terrifying picture and I can't believe the camera captured it! I hope things ended OK for this little mourning dove.

Werk it

What a perfect pose! This bird is stretching her wings and claiming her space, and she deserves it! Stretch, little birdie, stretch!

Model behavior

I swear it's like these mourning doves know the camera is there and they are posing like supermodels for the camera.

Oh, hello there

This perky blue jay is up to no good. If you scroll to the second photo, you'll see him nosing seeds out of the feeder like some sort of animal! Which I guess he is...

Fall cardinal

This is a gorgeous photo and it is kind of infuriating that an automatic outdoor bird camera took it.

Sneak attack

Of course, where there is a bird feeder, there is always a squirrel sneaking up to try to steal food from it. They're ruthless.


This spotted lady is such a diva, can't you tell? By the way, I've been making up all the birds' genders and if there is a bird expert out there who knows how to tell, sorry.


This is somewhat frightening! A molting bird is, well, not the cutest, and it's snacking on some crispy worms. Yum.


Hummingbirds are such fascinating little creatures. I see them all the time near my apartment, and I always stop to say hi! They fly away...


Well, this is terrifying! It looks like this bird has giant chompers. Those are seeds, of course, but they really do look like teeth.


This frazzled-looking cardinal is pretty much how I feel all the time. Share this with someone who'd love to see this pics!