This Girl’s Answer to a Sexist Homework Assignment Will Make You Question Your Own Brain | 22 Words

It's about time we hold teachers and schools responsible for updating the homework they dole out to young students. It's 2017, and the assignments should reflect the times, a.k.a. the slow but sure dismantling of the patriarchy. It's only right.

But Yasmin proved that even when handed an outdated, sexist homework assignment, she could answer correctly for the assignment and for the year that we live in.

Let's all take a page out of Yasmin's book, as it seems to be much more updated than the book of worksheets from which her teacher took this dumb assignment.

This sexist elementary school spelling worksheet has a lot to learn from 8-year-old Yasmin.

The assignment asked the students for words with "ur" in the middle. It provides a hint on the right, and this is where it gets gross. "Hospital lady" it says. Hospital. Lady.

Nuh uh. Yasmin wasn't going to stand for it.

via: Twitter

Her answer? "Surgeon." The entire Internet leaped out of their seats and applauded. It also made us question our own outdated biases. Your brain went straight to "nurse," didn't it?

There's nothing wrong with that, per se, we just have to recognize that society has conditioned us toward these outdated ideas and work to undo them.


Yasmin, though, the girl's ahead of the curve. Both of her parents are surgeons, so it would stand to reason that "hospital lady" translates directly to "surgeon" for her. Also, it's 2017, and the fact that "hospital lady" was the assumed description for "nurse" is extremely problematic.

You know, because both surgeons and nurses can be "hospital ladies."

Or "hospital men"! The idea of gendered jobs is so outdated it's insane.

What year was this assignment from? Did the teacher pull this worksheet out of a dusty tome from the Depression era? Not quite.

1997! Twenty years ago, "hospital lady" was apparently an acceptable descriptor. But it's 2017, and that sort of sexism should no longer be a part of our everyday lives and especially the lives of our children.