This Goth Woman Spent $35,000 To Become a ‘Real Life Barbie’

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“I’ve always been into Barbie,” she told The Daily Mail. “As a kid, I’d get a doll every Christmas or birthday. I had a dozen or so and would play with them all the time.”

In 2009, she had her first Botox injections in a bid to make her face expressionless, like a doll, and impressed with the results, she started having lip fillers to achieve Barbie’s iconic plump.  

Non-surgical rhinoplasty, in which surgeons use injections to change the shape of the nose, was also part of her drastic transformation, as well as bleaching her formerly dark hair to look more classically Barbie.  

She even wears oversized contact lenses to make her naturally large eyes even larger. “I don’t go full Barbie every day,” she explained. “If I’m just popping to the shops, I won’t wear any makeup. ” But let’s not forget the 22-inch corset that she wears around her middle, either. Beauty, it seems, is pain.  

“I’d love breast and butt implants, but I need to save money and make sure I find the right doctor,” she said. “I’d also love either four or six ribs removed, like Pixie Foxx, a model who had the surgery a little while ago. I wouldn’t go quite as extreme as her, but aesthetically, she’s an inspiration.”

She’s garnered support for her endeavor from family and friends, as well as from fans on her Instagram account, which has more than 36,000 mostly positive followers.  

‘There is a lot of cyberbullying out there,” she explained. “I’ve been called ugly or had people say I’m delusional for wanting to look like Barbie.”  

“I always ignore them,” she continued. “I know they just want a rise. If they really hated me, they’d look away.”