This Guy Got Caught Cheating…On Burger King’s Instagram Page

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But as you’ll see, anyone who happened to stumble on one specific post from Burger King’s Instagram page was treated to a lot more than burger pics.

It’s basically there to promote burgers and other menu items.

That is, until one dimwitted guy felt compelled to post a comment on one of their pics.

It says, “Comment section lit. Someone got caught cheating lol.”

…that turned out to not be the best idea, for reasons you can imagine.

…the BF decided to get defensive, saying he and the girl he was with were just “catching up.”

So the drama reaches a fever pitch when the GF seems to kill the relationship right then and there.

Why? To make Burger King’s Instagram account a little more interesting, of course.

And while people are questioning the legitimacy of the people fighting on the page, I can understand why people who would cheat on each other and publicly fight on Burger King’s feed wouldn’t have an abundance of followers. I mean, are these people you’d want to associate with? Even on social media.