This Guy Recreates Celebrity Outfits on a Low Budget and the End Results Are Incredible | 22 Words

Ah, celebrities. They're just like us - except for the fact they have seemingly unlimited budgets for their clothes and accessories. Dressing like a star is an expensive business.

But one Instagram star decided to take matters into his own hands. Romanian artist Bogdan recreates iconic celebrity outfits on a supremely tight budget - and his creations are absolutely amazing. Using household items like sponges, toilet paper, and the contents of his fridge, you'll be blown away (and highly amused) by what this talented guy comes up with.

100. Billie Eilish

We personally wish he'd gone for the glittery cheekbones, too.

99. Ariana Grande

Real fur! Ok, it's still alive, but that's more humane, right?

98. Cardi B

All four of these looks are incredible.

97. Halsey

Great use of avocados - though we think he could have tried a bit harder with his bikini.

96. Tekashi 6ix9ine

Who knew you could achieve such an extreme look using only candy and some sharpies?

95. Rihanna

Not gonna lie, we'd totally wear that fork earring.

94. Christiana Ronaldo

We'd be very nervous about rolling around with all those eggs.

93. James Charles

Not all of us have his skill with a makeup brush, so why not fake it til you make it?

92. The Nun

We wish we'd seen this one in time for Halloween!

91. Lil Pump

Using twigs instead of hair is some serious shade.

90. Anne Hathaway

No exotic parrot? Any old fowl will work.

89. Billie Eilish

You've gotta hand it to Bogdan, he knows how to work a vegetable.

88. Rihanna

This looks great - though we can't imagine it smells too fantastic for the wearer.

87. J Balvin

This look was universally panned at the VMAs this year - but we actually kind of like Bogdan's affordable take.

86. Kylie Jenner

Smooth, buildable coverage with a flattering dewy finish - maybe we've been overlooking Nutella this whole time?

85. J-Lo

What an innovative way to replicate those iconic denim boots.

84. Zac Efron

Using toast to replicate his stripes of beard is an ingenious touch.

83. Zendaya

Who knew a bundle of straw could be so high fashion?

82. Huda Kattan

Noodles look pretty good - though we can't imagine they feel too pleasant.

81. Priyanka Chopra

Iridescent shells, coffee cup lids, same difference.

80. Madonna

This one really made us laugh.

79. Ariana Grande

We don't want to think about the clean up after this one.

78. Kim Kardashian

He sure knows how to make the most of a simple piece of fruit.

77. Cara Delevingne

Bonus points for innovative use of power cord.

76. Hailey Bieber

Whoever thought dish sponges would be so glamorous?

75. Kim Kardashian

This is a man who really sees the aesthetic potential of produce.

74. Lady Gaga

We can imagine Gaga is a near-endless source of strange outfit inspiration.

73. Beyonce

We suspect this might have been an excuse to eat a Big Mac.

72. Selena Gomez

Who knew a trash bag and two old wigs could be so glamorous?

71. Beyonce

This cutlery look is surprisingly high fashion.

70. Justin Bieber

Those fake tattoos are particularly hilarious.

69. Ariana Grande

A string of garlic instead of a blonde braid is surely a stroke of genius.

68. Eleven

Warning: a ketchup "nosebleed" might be dangerously delicious.

67. Kim Kardashian

Everything about this is just perfect.

66. Zendaya

The very definition of "use what you've got."

65. Rita Ora

The cocktail stick hair is simply inspired.

64. Beyonce

Having this many slides is still kind of a flex.

63. Camila Mendes

An entire red carpet look created with napkins. His mind is so powerful.

62. Madonna

Loofahs as a wig is actually something we could see a celebrity rocking.

61. Kim Kardashian

The upturned nose earns extra comedy points.

60. Kourtney Kardashian

Is he wearing ... a bucket?

59. Katy Perry

The decorative windmills are a very clever touch.

58. Angelina Jolie

That dog has really been worth his weight in gold for recreating celebrity outfits.

57. Miley Cyrus

A dress made out of a windscreen shade? Your face could never.

56.Nikita Dragun

Feather dusters and cheese graters? Bogdan is really spoiling us.

55. Ezra Miller

A slightly less detailed look - but a look, nonetheless.

54. Ariana Grande

Just keep that sour sugar out of your eyes!

53. Kim Kardashian

The semi-deflated balloons make it.

52. Rita Ora

The use of captioning is particularly hilarious.

51. Captain America

He's wearing jeans as a top - this is not a drill, he's wearing jeans as a top.

50. Pink

Two kinds of candy for the hair, plus some amazingly misshapen "hoop earrings." Well done.

49. Emily Ratajkowski

Emerging from the bathtub, expectations vs. reality.

48. Bella Hadid

Innovative use of leftover Easter candy.

47. Justin Timberlake.

Did Jessica Biel do it better?

46. Lady Gaga

Don't try this at home if you don't want to risk stabbing yourself in the eye, kids!

45. Nicki Minaj

It's time-consuming work creating vegetable hybrids to use as hairpieces - but someone's gotta do it.

44. Gigi Hadid

Is that ... is that a groin protector? 

43. Rihanna

The vegetables are great - but we're really impressed with the ruched trash bag coat.

42. Lupita Nyongo

Loving his take on this "editorial" makeup.

41. Dua Lipa

Brought to you straight from the garden centre.

40. Miley Cyrus

To be fair, the original photo kind of looks like one of Bogdan's creations already.

39. Lady Gaga

Who knew trash bags would be such a huge feature of these celebrity looks?

38. Kylie Jenner

Innovative use of a vacuum cleaner pipe. Top marks.

37. Katy Perry

The car air freshener as an earring is truly incredible.

36. Shakira

Looking very pleased with himself here.

35. Rita Ora

Toilet paper might be coming for trash bags as the DIY costume MVP.

34. Miley Cyrus

Say what you like about Bogdan, but he's not afraid of gluing food to his body.

33. Gigi Hadid

He's very talented at creating a cleavage out of nothing, we must admit.

32. Kylie Jenner

Lettuce leaves and a fishnet stocking - this is a totally classic look.

31. Dove Cameron

His creation is actually kind of a look.

30. Kylie Jenner

Dish sponges making another strong appearance.

29. Rita Ora

The coins alone are impressive, but when you notice the feather boa his attention to detail is clear.

28. Ariana Grande

We think he could have made a little more effort with the lipstick.

27. Lady Gaga

A golden globe or a can of drink - same difference.

26. Rita Ora

Ignore the "hair" for a second - that necklace actually looks kinda good?

25. The Girl With A Pearl Earring

A work of art, created out of an old mop head.

24. Kylie Jenner

An excellent dig at her #ad, too.

23. Katy Perry

Another stellar appearance for the garlic bulbs.

22. Cardi B

If you can't afford a set of acrylics, consider pegs!

21. Tekashi 6is9ine

If he's not using candy to create this colorful hair, he can always rely on cleaning supplies.

20. Louis Vuitton Model

The shelving unit absolutely makes it for us.

19. The Demogorgon

You've got to admit, this guy's imagination is impressive.

18. Halsey

If you squint your eyes, this one kind of works.

17. Cardi B

You have to hand it to him, the materials he uses to create a cleavage are innovative.

16. A$AP Rocky

Otherwise known as "oddly fashionable grandmother."

15. Beyonce

Those feather dusters have really been a workhorse for these looks.

14. Rihanna

He's truly talented at creating texture using unexpected materials.

13. Ariana Grande

A wonderful take on the Dangerous Woman's iconic bunny ears.

12. Inna

Replacing roses with red peppers is just so clever.

11. Irina Deaconescu

Any look which features fried chicken is a-ok with us!

10. Demi Lovato

Not quite sure why he had to substitute watermelon for pizza here ...

9. Rapunzel

You can't fault his dedication - and his bred budget must be huge!

8. Leonardo DiCaprio

Who hasn't imagined being on the balcony below?

7. Andreea Balan

Subbing a wedding dress for a quilt is a swap we can get on board with.

6. Alex Velea

Cannot overstate how obsessed we are with this hair.

5. Billie Eilish

While he's clearly multitalented, it's in the fake jewelry making that Bogdan really excels.

4. Adelina Pestritu

He really went to town in the baked goods aisle to create this look.

3. Carmen Grebenisan

Replacing silver hair with aluminum foil is just perfect.

2. Mike Tyson

Who knew two perfectly placed false nails could be so effective?

1. Chiara Ferragni

While the bows are a cute touch, it's the CD-bra that really makes it. Into fun celebrity Instagrams? Scroll on for the amazing Instagram account which photoshops stars alongside their younger selves. It's surprisingly hilarious - and super cute!