This Guy Waited 3 Years To Get the Most AMAZING Revenge On His Prankster Wife

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There are pranks, and then there’s REVENGE. When a husband (Imgur username Mackey13245) was pranked by his wife on an April Fool’s Day, he waited three long years to exact his revenge.

Then he proceeds to explain that a few years back, his wife had put Ben-Gay balm all over the toilet seat, causing him some, uh, burning discomfort after he sat down to use toilet. Then, diabolical as she is, she knew he’d jump to the shower for relief. Which is why she covered all the shower gel bottles with Saran Wrap so he’d have to struggle with his misery a little longer. So he narrates the set-up to his revenge…

“The story will begin like most mornings. A seemingly innocuous trip to the throne.”

…is actually worse than what she used, but this is only the beginning!

…coffee. Most people know that coffee is sacred, and messing with it, well, it’s a dangerous move.

…he knows how he takes her java. So naturally, he sees an opportunity. And he takes it to a new level.

Again, this is probably something that won’t register immediately, but you’ll drink enough to know that, hey, that wasn’t sugar in there.

You’re probably wondering what the confetti is for. Well, that’s a great question. When it’s over, he’ll probably celebrate. She will start HER revenge.

“After all that, she should just head to work…after all, I can’t get her at work…well, turns out I emptied the hole punch at my office today and brought the contents home.” Homemade confetti!

I’m guessing that even if this was HIS car, he’d still be willing to make the sacrifice of having to pick up thousands of little paper dots for the next decade or so.

With his wife none the wiser. You can tell she’s in for a very frustrating day.

Let’s hope she’s got a sense of humor. Otherwise, this could turn into a real feud. Sadly, that’s where his post ends. With us on the edge of our seats, imagining what transpired. BUT WAIT!

…his wife sent back only this one simple picture with no caption. Something tells me we might have to wait three more years before she strikes back next.