This Guy Wrote an Article Why He’s Done Dating ‘Hot Women’, and Twitter Can’t Stop Mocking Him

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Nonetheless, a thirty-something Manhattan finance bro named Dan Rochkind did just that when he was profiled by the New York Post for his sudden decision to stop dating “hot women.” If you want to get into his reasoning (which is more than a little twisted and farfetched), check out the very real article here. As you could imagine, once this piece went live online, it didn’t take long for people to start mocking the statement and the man himself.

“I’m going to stop climbing up skyscrapers blindfolded!” See? It’s easy.

Full-ish, maybe.

Also, I don’t want to delve too far into subjectivity, but his fiancee is kind of a hot girl. (I think I’m looking for logic here when there clearly isn’t much.)

And, uh, of course…your soon-to-be-wife. Let’s not forget about her feelings.

Sorry, hot girls. He’s done with you.