This Guy’s ‘Deal’ To Get Engaged To His GF Has Started a BIG Online Controversy

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There are tons of bad reasons to get engaged. There are also, obviously, tons of great reasons.

We don’t know much about this couple’s story, but based on one Facebook post, people are saying a lot, good and bad, about these online strangers.

See what all the fuss is about.

After reading it, you can probably guess why. But in case you can’t… Some people are a little offended by the prospect of using social media “likes” and such to kickstart such a big personal decision.

But what a lot of people commenting really wanted to know was “What do those things have to do with choosing to marry someone?”

Sort of a “take what’s yours, girl!” approach to the whole thing.

But this is the Internet, where people love to stick their noses in other peoples’ business. In fact, in this instance, strangers were pretty much invited to. Some people didn’t care about the context…they just like the good vibes.

So people got a little testy, insinuating that selling yourself out for fake Internet points isn’t just a bad way to decide on an engagement, but just a bad way to present yourself in general.

Those people might be a bit uptight, IMHO. But maybe that’s why they’re complaining about Facebook…ON TWITTER.

Something tells me, like or shares notwithstanding, these guys are very much already living the married life. So maybe we should all take a breath.

Not necessarily, but they did have some kind words to say about the hotness of this guy’s girl. Sure, it’s sort of a backhanded jab, but considering the climate that one can expect from Facebook and trolls, let’s chalk it up to a positive vibe and wish this couple the best regardless of likes, shares, retweets, and all that other nonsense. It’s love after all! (Or so I choose to believe.)