This Heated Bed Will Keep Your Dog Warm in the Winter | 22 Words

They say that dogs are a man's best friend, but how far would you go to keep your dog happy?

Would you buy your dog a heated dog bed to keep them warm during the cold winter months? Dogs get cold just as humans do, and we can buy items like a heated duvet or heated pillow. So surely it's not so strange for dogs to have them too, right?

Well, one company, K&H pet products, has started making heated dogs bed in all sizes, for all your dog's needs. And not only will it keep your dog warm, it can even have health benefits!


If you were struggling for a Christmas present for your pet...

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Look no further! You might have found it.

Dogs are man's best friends.

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But, as owners, how far would we go to make sure that our dogs are happiest they can be?

Is buying a heated dog bed too far?

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Just as humans get cold, so do our pets.

And they can't find heat sources as easily as we can.

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So surely it's not a stupid as we may first think.

Dogs can't just put on a few extra layers of clothing or wrap a blanket around them.

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Which could be a reason for them not wanting to leave our sides.

And why they come and cuddle up to us when we are lay on the couch.

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They can share our body heat if they're close to us.

In the same way that humans can source heat from others, dogs could be doing the same.

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Well, now, one company has come up with a solution to prevent your dog from getting cold.

K&H Pet Products have created the "Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper."

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A 6-watt heated dog bed.

The beds come in 2 different sizes as well.

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So all sizes of dogs can be catered for.

The bed sizes are labeled medium and large.

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Medium is 20 by 26 inches.

A large bed is 24 by 31 inches.

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So all dogs should be accommodated for.

You don't even have to worry about your dog becoming too hot.

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The beds warm to your dog's body temperature, so they adjust perfectly for them!

And it also brings some health perks for your pet!

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The heat is great for dogs who struggle with medical problems like arthritis or joint problems.

The beds are easy to clean as the pillow cover is removable.

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Which is great, because aren't dog beds a pain to get clean?!

As it is certified by MET Laboratories for electrical safety standards, you can leave it plugged in even when you're out.

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So you'll have a happy and warm pooch all of the time! For more puppy cuteness, keep scrolling!