This Hysterical Thread Shows the Absolute Worst Ways to Hold a Drink | 22 Words

Every so often there is something so hilariously random on the internet that it hovers over the realm of genius. I would argue that the Twitter thread you are about to read is one of those random strokes of genius. If you had to think of the absolute worst way to hold a drink, a glass full of liquid, what would it be? Would you hold a full, heavy glass by the very bottom? Maybe you stick your fingers in it and hold it from the side.

I was not even aware of how many ways there are to hold a drink before I came across this ridiculous thread. Twitter user Daniel Inman started it off, asking the Internet, "What's the worst way to hold your drink?" Along with that question, he generously provided four super silly examples that I would argue all tied for first place in the very worst way to hold a drink. But it didn't end there. The post went totally viral, and people everywhere started sharing their own ideas for the worst drink-holding habits. And thus, this thread was born.

What's the worst way to hold a drink?

This. These. All of them. These are the worst ways to hold your drink. But if you think we're not just getting started, you got another thing coming.

The stab

Hm yeah, this is pretty bad too. Seems like you'd lose a lot of liquid this way.


Oh no, this is so disturbing. This looks like something out of a horror movie. How is her hand doing that?

Fingers in

Let us please take a step back for a moment and appreciate that the guy who tweeted this monstrosity is named Ralph Nader.


Both very good (and by good, I mean bad) options. Yes, I would say that I cringed a great deal while looking at these pictures.


Oh man, no one else has figured out the martini glass thing. This is definitely the worst way to hold a martini.


No. Nope. Nope times a million. I think we have a winner, folks. This is horrifying.

Not holding

Hm, I mean, yes, I guess technically the worst way to hold a drink is to...not hold it at all. Now we're getting complicated.


Could you imagine if this was how a waiter brought you your drink? Yeah, this is not OK.

Upside down

Again, loss of liquid would be a big factor in this one. Man, people are so creative and good at coming up with more and more terrible ways to hold drinks!

Straw man

No one else has done the straw thing! The hoodie/straw combo is truly next-level awful. This guy is good (bad).


Ugh, this is the worst because this is how a sleight-of-hand magician would hold a drink and I just do not have the patience for that.

Sole table

The thing is that if you're lying down like that, it's fine to hold your water bottle like that, but it's probably super hard if not impossible to actually use.

One finger

Oh gosh, I don't know what it is about this but it's making me so skeeved out. Just please don't do this. I beg of you.

Pinky hang

This is like, what cool hipsters do when they want to hold their cool mason jar drinks like a cool person.

White supremacy

Oh, this is the most terrible one! I know I say that about all of them, but this time it's for real! Using the alt right's symbol to hold your drink is not OK!

Back pocket

Wouldn't your drink get all warm and gross in your back pocket? And it would be a catastrophe if you forgot it was there and sat down.

Double trouble

Honestly, the actual drink-holding is only mildly terrible, but it's the frat-bro looking dude holding them that tips it over the edge.

Head on

Yeah, I can already tell this is not a good idea. In fact, I feel like this probably ended terribly mere seconds after this photo was taken.

Energy drink

This is horrifying. The fact that it's a video makes it so much worse. That guy thinks he's so cool for holding his drink like that. I cannot.

Elbow Pepsi

Somehow, this seems like it wouldn't work if there was actual liquid in the cups, but you know? To each, his own.

Foot milk

I hate everything about this photo. First, the foot. Second, milk. Third, the fact that the milk is still in its jug, which implies that this person is going to drink it straight from the jug.


"Hello? I can't hear you? I have a drink in my ears!" Can you understand why this is a bad idea?

Whole hand

Would you like a glass of water? It's really fresh water, but it's extra special because it's infused with hand flavor.

Hand fold

I suppose it's your prerogative if you want to hold your glass of water like that, but I cannot imagine being friends with anyone who does that.

Two fingers

This is somehow dainty while also being simultaneously horrendous and nightmare-inducing.

Twisted tea

For some reason, this looks...naughty? Like, where are those fingers? What are they doing? I don't actually want the answers to these questions.


This looks like a tumbler for hot beverages. A hot beverage would definitely burn those little evil fingers!

All the fingers

We are almost at the end of the list, and I am still as disturbed as I was at the beginning.

Just the lip

I give up. Share this with someone to make them cringe!