This Insanely Excited Men’s Store Mannequin Has Now Been Turned into a Million Photoshopped Masterpieces

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You know how it is when you walk into a store to go shopping for a great new outfit and boom, everywhere you look there are gorgeous mannequins staring at you in the face with the hottest outfits on and suddenly you want everything?! Yeah, us too. This one mannequin completely had a different vibe than all his other mannequin friends, and so many things come to mind when we look at him. So let’s start, shall we?

Yeah, we will have one of everything, please. Actually, make that two.

This mannequin is actually living his best life. This is hands down the best pose we’ve ever seen.

First there’s Aaron Rodgers and his signature touchdown pose. You want a piece of this?

Tom Brady right after he scores a touchdown, anyone? Yeah, we thought so….

DUFF! Superhero beer, anyone? From this guy, we’d take just about anything.

Time of the Year? This guy has accomplished so much in his mannequin life.

Kim Jeong-un even getting in on the fun? Who would’ve thought!

Make that pizza with your skis, bro! You’ve got this!

The Bass Pro Shop-esque mannequin, clearly! He’s so proud of his accomplishments.

There are no words. Beyond priceless. This mannequin by far takes the cake for being the most adventurous mannequin out there.