If you are a parent, you have probably stood frozen while your child screamed and wept about something so insane that you were rendered speechless. Kids cry for all sorts of reasons, but honestly, they don't even really need a reason. Sometimes, there is a little too much of a breeze, and all of a sudden, they are flailing around on the ground sobbing. Maybe they wore a shirt all day but have now decided they hate that shirt, so they take it off in the middle of the grocery store, throw it to the ground, and cry to the heavens.

Little kids don't have a lot of tools to express their feelings or deal with their own thoughts, so they cry. And they scream. And they blow snot bubbles. And they fall to the ground dramatically, like fainting women in old Victorian novels. One parent recently shared the list of insane reasons his toddler had a total meltdown, and many other parents were quick to chime in with their own stories. Random kid meltdowns are a bonkers thing for parents to have to deal with, but at least know that you are not alone.

Does this look familiar?

Don't worry. All parents have to deal with irrational, snot-filled beasts known as children. These are the stories of their meltdowns.

So many meltdowns

This is the tweet that prompted it all. This hysterical list of reasons for this toddler's meltdowns was met by other parents with total and complete sympathy.

Pushed out cereal bar

I mean really, dad, you don't know your own kid enough to know he likes to push out his own cereal bar? Get with the program.

Too comfortable

This is truly impressive. You think "Wow, my kid is super comfortable right now. What could they possibly have to complain about?" and then BAM!


To be fair, I also have a meltdown if there are brown bits on my banana. Bananas have to be eaten at the optimal time, otherwise, they're gross. That's not the only fruit to cause trouble, though...

Spicy cheese sandwich

I mean, I can totally understand how this would be traumatizing for a 3-year-old. I'd be suspicious too.

All mom's fault

School is rough, especially for a 12-year-old. I would not want to go back to middle school. It was all sweating and crying.

"Today is not Saturday"

I also melt down when people are looking at me or when it's not Saturday, so I get where she's coming from.

No purple car

Look, she wanted to see a purple car. Just one. She was very reasonable with her expectations. I believe she deserves the tantrum.

The museum

What's the problem, mum? That's only a few countries over. Make it happen! The next one is weirdly personal...

Button hatred

This is so weird, but my cousin was the exact same way growing up. She wouldn't wear anything with buttons on it. I don't understand!

Proper balsamic glaze

This is amazing. I'm imagining him wearing a tiny little bow tie and suspenders and a tweed jacket. Tell me I'm wrong.

The wall

These are amazing. She cried because the wall wouldn't move out of her way. She's a legend.

Chocolate for breakfast

I always want chocolate for breakfast, so I get it. At least "Baby Shark" did the trick.

In or out

Sometimes we just don't feel right wherever we are. I get it. Life is tough, man! The next one is similar...

"Stay and cry"

That feeling of wanting to stay home and cry doesn't go away when you get older. Hate to break it to ya, kid.

Being removed from hazards

Kids are always drawn to super dangerous things for some reason. And they never grow up and thank their parents for saving their life sixty times a day.

The sun

Eventually, he learned about these really cool things called sunglasses, and he didn't have to complain about the sun ever again.

No muffins at church

This is a travesty. If you sit through a church service, you should absolutely be entitled to a muffin.


Breathing is really loud and exhausting, but she should probably be really grateful that she can't turn off her own breathing. This is pretty crazy, but it's not the craziest one on the list...

Eggs and tomato sauce

Man, this mom just can't do anything right, can she? Maybe she should go to mom school! (Just kidding, I respect her so much, and I'm sorry she has to deal with this.)

No bladder

Kid, I wish I could give up my bladder too. They are really inconvenient.

Hole in shorts

OK, call me crazy, but all of these sound like legitimate reasons to have a meltdown. The toothpaste thing is minor, but when paired with the others, it makes for a tough day!

Left, not right

But like, how dare she, right? The left side? What was she thinking? She clearly wasn't. Next time, she'll think more carefully.

Two toasts

Sometimes you change your mind! I will say that she should really think about it before she gets a hair cut because that's a bigger deal. Oh man, the best ones are coming up...

Shoes felt wrong

OK, but some people have different-sized feet and this is a real thing! But also, kids are weird about how clothes feel on their body.

Too young for Harry

Aw, this is adorable. But it's OK, girl. Someday, you'll find your own Harry Styles.

Sister's birthday candles

This little kid knows he's being ridiculous. You can see it in his eyes! But he still wanted to blow out his sister's candles.

Food tantrums

Someday, that kid is going to realize that Pop-Tarts taste the same if they're broken or not broken, and that's going to rock their world.

The real Belle

Belle is intimidating. All those books. I understand this. Share this with someone who understands the plight of the parent!