This Is the Hilarious Way People Are Showing Their Love of Chris Pine During the Holidays

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At the moment, Hollywood is chock full of Chrises.

There’s Chris Hemsworth, instantly recognizable as hunky, swoon worthy Thor. There’s Chris Evans, clean-cut, all American Captain America. There’s also jocular, rakish Chris Pratt, who fills in as Star Lord, a guardian of the galaxy.

And then there’s Chris Pine, the one Chris who does not, in fact, play a superhero. No, Pine is most recognizable for playing Captain James T. Kirk in the Star Trek franchise.

He’s also recognizable for his smoldering ice blue gaze. Sure, some of the other Chrises have blue eyes (Chris Hemsworth come to mind) but none of them can give blue steel the way Chris (Pine) can.

There’s also one last thing that separates Pine from the other Chrises. His name legit sounds like a weird riff on Christmas. Chris Pine. Get it? Christmas Pine.

Pine’s fans have long noted the coincidence, and now, they’re celebrating it in the most unorthodox way.

That’s right, in honor of Christmas, people are making actual Chris Pines! As in Christmas Pine trees! As in Chris-mas trees!

This isn’t the first time a celebrity’s name has been roped into the Christmas industrial complex, however. There’s always the ever popular “Wreath Witherspoon.”

How about the Mathew McConaughtree? That’s always a classic.

Some people even went straight sacrilegious and had entire trees filled with Chrises – Chris-mas trees.

But we prefer the plain old Chris Pine. I mean, look at those baby blues.

And how about that jawline? And again, those eyes…

Any sane person would think this was the epitome of perfection, but wouldn’t you know someone just had to break with tradition and do an actual, actual pine tree?

See, this is why we can’t have nice things. Sigh.