This Is What a Faithful Friend Looks Like — Heartwarming Portraits of Elderly Dogs... | 22 Words

Everybody loves photos of brand new puppies or videos of dogs in their prime being silly, but what about those pups who have been around for awhile and have settled down in their old age?

Photographer Pete Thorne has been documenting these dogs in their last years for a fantastic series called "Old Faithful." He's photographed over 50 dogs so far, with most of them being between 10 and 15 years old.

These are some of our favorites from his beautiful series...

Old Dogs 15

Old Dogs 09

Old Dogs 01

Old Dogs 02

Old Dogs 03

Old Dogs 04

Old Dogs 05

Old Dogs 06

Old Dogs 07

Old Dogs 08

Old Dogs 11

Old Dogs 12

Old Dogs 13

Old Dogs 14

Old Dogs 16

Old Dogs 17

Via: PetaPixel

Be sure to check out Thorne's work on Facebook and Instagram. Better yet, if you live in the Toronto area, you can contact him for your own session with your beloved pet.