This Mom Told The Story of Her Daughter's School Lockdown in a Series of Tweets, and It's Heartbreaking | 22 Words

Few things are more terrifying than knowing your child is in danger.

But that's exactly what actress and author Sarah Wine-Thyre experienced when she learned that her school-aged kids were in a lockdown situation.

The Strangers with Candy actress tweeted about the incident earlier this month

What followed was a series of tweets from her 12-year-old daughter's perspective, telling her mom about the horrifying ordeal.

First, her daughter explains her initial reaction

It's pretty inspiring to know that 12-year-olds are willing to overlook each other's cooties to hold their classmates and bring them comfort.

Then came a little prepubescent sass

"It's a private joke, mom." — Us, always.

The lockdown was in place for nearly an hour

"Shaken and giddy" is just about the reaction we would expect — the excitement of being young and part of something larger than yourself, but also the terror of being young and not having a clue about the potential danger.

According to Thyre's daughter, the most terrifying thing about the experience was the quiet

It's the not knowing what will happen next that is usually the worst part. What her daughter said next nearly broke our hearts.

Drills never seem real until you're faced with the real thing

With the recent epidemic of gun-related school massacres, all lockdowns — whether they are drills or actual emergencies — have to be taken more seriously than ever.

Thyre let it be known where she stands with the second amendment

Especially after hearing her daughter's experience, this mom knows all too well that "the price of freedom" is far too steep to justify any longer.

She concludes with one last chilling detail

Cue the goosebumps.

Hundreds of users chimed in to thank Thyre for sharing her daughter's story

They acknowledge that the fear a child feels when his or her safety is compromised is just as scarring (if not more so) for that child's parents.

And just like the children in Thyre's daughter's classroom, the Twittersphere reached out with virtual embraces

Fellow parents could especially relate to Thyre's thread. Other users weren't satisfied by just offering comfort, however...

Many others had similar stories of their own

Cartoonist Emily Flake recounted the time her own child experienced a lockdown situation.

Others expressed fear not just for students, but for their teachers

When a shooter enters a school, it isn't just students who are put at risk — it's also those who are entrusted to guide them.

Twitter users reflected on whether a teacher really is responsible for the lives of their students as well as their educations

As far as we know, gun tutorials aren't included with teaching certifications.

The conversation also took a turn to what could be done to change this

If you're still offering prayers and blessings, then you really need to turn on the news more often.

But one user offered the most compelling solution with — strangely enough — the song lyrics that Thyre's daughter sang with her friend earlier that day

Children today are far too young and clever to resign themselves to their fate and let gun violence continue. Whatever the secret is, we want in. Now go share this with the bravest parents and teachers you know!