Breaking News: A flatbed truck driving down the 101 highway in Depoe Bay, Oregon tipped over, spilling its contents all across the road.

Well, that's sad. Not exactly sure why that is a breaking news story. Thoughts and prayers, I guess...WAIT, WHAT?!?! IT WAS CARRYING A WHOLE TRUCKLOAD OF EELS?!?


Like, seriously! Look at these pictures!

That is so many eels!

Is this the eel life? Or is this just fantasy?

WHY WHY WHY WAS ANYBODY HAULING SO MANY EELS?!? This video gives me more questions than answers!!!

Those stains aren't going to come out easily!

via: Twitter/Depoe Bay FD

If that's a rental, I hope that he opted for the insurance!

Imagine trying to explain this to your body repair shop...

via: Twitter/Depoe Bay FD

"Hey guys. So, me and the car had a little accident. Nothing much, just a loose bumper, broken headlight, and...oh yeah...35 eels jammed into the radiator. You know, the usual."

I have never seen that many congressmen in the same place at the same time.

via: Twitter/Depoe Bay FD

I'm not sure where this truck was headed, but I've got an 'eeling their neighbors aren't going to be too upset it never arrived.

Ugh, and this one. Welp, there goes my appetite.

via: Twitter/Depoe Bay FD

Did you guys know that eels produce this weird, thick, slime-like substance? What is that?!? Ooze? Is it ooze?

I have a bad 'eeling that someone is going to get in trouble for this!

via: Shutterstock

The Depoe Bay Fire Department tweeted out that no one was injured in the accident, which is good because the only thing worse than dumping over a truck full of eels, is having to explain to your friends that you hurt yourself dumping over a truck full of eels. Next time, we hope the driver keeps his eyes on the road and his hands on the...wait for it...eel!!!