We are more than 20 days into a government shutdown. Donald Trump wants $5.7 billion to fund the building of his wall at the nation's southern border. He claims that there is an "invasion" and a "humanitarian crisis" that can only be fixed by building a giant wall to keep people out, the very same people who are attempting to seek asylum in our supposedly great country from violence and oppression.

Because Trump won't let go of this ludicrous plan and Democrats won't agree to allocate funds for this ludicrous plan, Trump has forced a shutdown of the government. People in government or government-adjacent positions cannot work or must work without getting paid. For weeks now, over 800,000 people have not been getting paid. And it's not OK.

How long

People won't be able to pay their rent soon if they continue not being paid, and they could subsequently face financial consequences of this for years to come. It's unconscionable.

No back pay

People are now losing their jobs completely and whole families are going without pay.

The final straw

This game that Trump is playing is ruining families' futures. And he hasn't acknowledged that at all.

Canceled childcare

People can't pay for childcare anymore. Their routines, their other jobs, their livelihoods suffer.

No other jobs

Many are suggesting that people who are affected by the shutdown should just "get other jobs." But many government employees are prohibited from doing so, and even if they're not, that's easier said than done.

No income

This person should have had everything. Now they have nothing.

One paycheck away

Politicians don't understand how many people in this country live paycheck to paycheck. They have no concept of the number of lives they are ruining.

School loans

Some went into extreme debt to secure the job of their dreams, and now they're not even being paid for it.

Eight months pregnant

It costs a lot of money to have a family in the U.S. In fact, it costs thousands of dollars just to give birth in a hospital. There's something wrong.


People like federal contractors won't get back pay when they go back to work, leaving them behind and financially unstable.


Furloughed employees are not allowed to work anywhere else or file for unemployment. They are totally stuck.


Futures are ruined. Savings accounts are being pillaged. This is real.


People can't pay their bills. They have to make choices about what to pay and what to sacrifice.

Small factory owner

This is horrendous. People cannot "make adjustments" on their rent or bills.

Degraded credit

No matter how long this government shutdown continues, the damage is already done. Thousands of people will be affected by this for many years.

Not counted

The official number we've seen is that 800,000 people are affected by the shutdown, but it doesn't tell the whole story.

Joshua Tree

The national parks are staffed by government employees. When they aren't around, they can't regulate these important lands.


How do you choose which bills to pay and which to forego? There is no good option.

Christmas was canceled

It's insane to me that people can be made to work at dangerous jobs for no pay. What happens if they refuse? There would be chaos. There soon might be.

Special needs

Many families affected by the shutdown have children with special needs who now cannot get the treatment and care they need to be getting.

"This is America"

Many of these government employees love their jobs. They want to be able to do them. The president is stopping them.


Not only is the shutdown causing financial problems for countless people, but it's stripping people of their purpose, and it's leaving so many without fundamental protection.

"Not for the wall"

Trump likes to make people think that those affected by the shutdown are making willing sacrifices. But most people do not agree with the shutdown and just want to get back to work.


The shutdown has been going on for three weeks. If it continues, people won't even be able to afford to get to the jobs they're not being paid to perform.

Eating rent

Landlords and other companies rely on rent and bills from others to pay their employees. The extent of the effect of the shutdown is extremely farreaching.

Bad timing

This is awful. Could you imagine taking this risk, knowing you had a stable job waiting for you only for that job to disappear?

Necessary services

Food safety tests and other essential services are not being performed because of the shutdown. That could mean catastrophic things for our food supply.

Air traffic controllers

TSA agents, air traffic controllers, and others who ensure safe travel practices are not being paid. If they stop showing up to work, that would interrupt flights all around the world.

Calling in sick

You can't blame them for calling in sick. People cannot afford to work for free. And they shouldn't have to.

No one cares

Trump says he's doing this to protect the country, but it's clear that he doesn't really care about the people living in it. It's all a power trip. Share this with someone to raise awareness about what this shutdown is doing.