This Is Why People Are Crawling Through the Mud Alongside Their Dogs

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A new type of obstacle course race is popping up in the UK where dogs can run, climb, and crawl alongside their humans. These look like a ton of fun, (if you’re into that sort of thing,) and are sure to be spectacular fund raisers for animal-centered organizations.

We all have fitness enthusiast friends who swear that these are so much fun. We nod our heads and envy their abs and think that they’re crazy. But maybe they’re onto something?

People can’t get enough of the combination of running and crawling through mud. They gleefully recount how long it took them to wash the mud out of their hair last time. And they one-up each other about the surprising and sometimes unmentionable places they found mud deposits on their bodies. Fun!

The humans are out there running and jumping and climbing and wallowing through the filth. And the canines are all clean and bored at home. Something isn’t right about this set up.

Dogs love mud! And they’re great at it! And you should see the places they get it wedged in their bodies if they try hard enough!

Exercise enthusiasts who are also dog enthusiasts, (and mud enthusiasts,) can now participate in muddy obstacle courses alongside their mud-loving canine companions! These races are taking place in the UK, but chances are this type of thing will be stateside soon. The races are all to raise funds for Battersea Dog & Cats Home which rescues, rehabilitates, and rehomes 7,000 cats and dogs per year.

Human + dog mud races is a brilliant idea! The Venn diagram of exercise, mud, and dog enthusiasts likely has a lot of overlap. This concept will attract a huge number of participants.

“The Muddy Dog Challenge is an event like no other,” said an event spokesperson. “Where else can you experience a fun, muddy obstacle course alongside your canine companion? The challenges are suitable for all runners from experienced racers to eager beginners – and everyone in between.”

Dogs smile when they run. Even some humans do. (Weird.) This race seems to have all human and canine participants smiling.

You know your dog is already on board. Good luck getting the wet dog smell out of your car after driving home from the race though. Also, you can’t ever get mad at your dog for rolling in mud again.

No matter who you are, your dog is better than you. Your dog is more agile, faster, and will not hesitate. Race participants know they may incur some bruising when they enter these obstacle course races. When entering with a dog, though, the bruises could be to your ego.