Occasionally companies come up with really catchy ways to market their products on social media, but it's hard to know exactly how much attention a simple marketing tactic could get. Take, for instance, Sunny Co Clothing.

They posted an Instagram promotion telling users to share their photo of the classic red Pamela Sunny Suit on their Instagram accounts to receive a free swimsuit.

The normal cost of the suit is $64.99, and the deal claimed that posters would only pay for shipping and handling. What could go wrong, right? Just about everything, as Instagram users went crazy for a free suit, and the company's reposts numbered in the thousands.
The rest of social was bombarded with pics of this swimsuit popping up everywhere — and of course, they began to call out the company for its shenanigans.
Oh, it gets better...

Because think about it, a bunch of people will be wearing the same suit, right?

Mostly though, people are just tired of seeing the damn thing.

Sunny Co Clothing later posted a statement to their Instagram, saying they were overwhelmed with responses and would honor as many responses as they could.

Good luck keeping up with all those new (free) orders, Sunny Co Clothing. Hindsight is 20/20.