This Isn't an Optical Illusion...This Is What Life Looks Like On the World's Steepest Street | 22 Words

Sure, most of us know what it's like to live on a hill, but you're going to redefine the word "hill" after seeing these photos of Baldwin Street.

The road running through the New Zealand town of Dunedin is the "World's Steepest Street."

As you can see, very few would question the street's claim to that title. It's absurd.

The street is lined with houses, but this slant tells you just how steep the street is.

It's at a 35% grade, which is WAY more vertical than it sounds.

Especially if you're walking up it.

The residents make the most of this curiosity every year with an event called the Baldwin Street Gutbuster.

The residents and visitors alike race down, then up the street. I don't know if it's a gutbuster, but it doesn't sound too easy on the legs.

Still, it's a claim to fame that most residential streets don't have.

Even if it makes parking an adventure all to itself.

Uh, don't forget the emergency break and turning your wheels towards the curb.

If you're looking for scale, here you. And check out those insane steps next to road.

You know, if this street were flat, it would look like any other neighborhood.

But if you're teaching your kids to ride a bike...I would find another street.