This Kid Made the Most Hilarious Sign to Cheer on NYC Marathoners | 22 Words

Picture it: You're on mile 18. You can't even feel your limbs anymore. You know you've got to push to make it to the end. One of the only things keeping you going is the roar of the crowd, the colorful signs of encouragement, and the look of pure horror on people's faces as you lose control of your bowels in the middle of the course.

Wait — that's not how your marathon went. You kept it together and you crossed the finish line, and then you took a trip to the restroom. And you did it all thanks to one awesome kid holding the perfect sign as you ran by.

Seriously, there were a bunch of people who defied everything and ran 26.2 miles without stopping, but the true hero of the New York City marathon is this little kid, who's holding the most helpful sign in the world:

"NOBODY POOP," the signs says in giant block letters. The kid even does a little bathroom dance! It is at once a stark reminder that things can go terribly wrong for marathon runners and a blast of motivation for marathon participants to keep it in their pants (poop, that is).

Some clever responder thought they found a flaw in the NYC Marathon hero's sign:

Yes, everyone poops, but here's the thing, no one should poop in the middle of a running race, no matter how much they don't want to take a break.

Honestly, this little kid and his perfect poster deserve a standing ovation.

Thank you, hero, for your vital service to this country. Without you, marathon runners everywhere would have forgotten to hold in their runners' poops.