This Math About Pizza Sizes Will Blow Your Mind

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Have you been craving a good ol’ pizza pie lately? Then you’ll want to read this before you place any orders! Because not everything is what it seems. And chances are, you may actually have been scammed – getting less pizza than you thought, depending on your orders.

One Twitter account recently dropped some serious knowledge relating to the sizes of pizza. As it turns out, the big pizza companies may have been keeping a few things from us! So what’s the truth, and how do we get the most for our money? Now, we’ve got the answer! Check out this crazy math that will change everything you thought you knew about the size of your pizza.

We all order pizza from time to time, right?

Or, if we’re being totally honest, maybe a little more often than just “from time to time.”

You’ve probably thrown parties that served pizza, too!

It’s a pretty common party pleaser. Who doesn’t like pizza?

And when you’re ordering for a group, there are some decisions to make.

Like what size pizzas you’re getting, and how many of them you’ll need to feed the guests.

Many would argue that a 12-inch pizza is typically the standard.

We’ve all been there before. We’re super hungry, and craving pizza, so we order two of those 12-inch pies because you want this pizza supply to last.

But are you actually getting more?

One Twitter user did some math that puts our pizza orders into perspective.

Here’s the mathematical findings:

Wait, what? Your mind is a bit blown, isn’t it?

That’s right, an 18-inch pizza has more pizza in it than two 12-inches.

Basically, you’re better off ordering a bigger single pizza than having two personal-size pizzas.

Take a look at the details of the equation.

That’s a whole 28 square inches more pizza that you’d get on an 18-inch!

Needless to say, people were a little flabbergasted.

It does appear to defy logic. And yet, the evidence is before us!

That didn’t stop the confusion, though.

Other people had more coherent reactions to this strange news, however.

This is why you stay in school, kids!

And hey, this is a great question for math exams! Students would learn math and the best way to order pizza.

People were glad to finally have the truth.

No longer will we fool ourselves into thinking we’re getting more when we’re actually getting less. Time to get our money’s worth of pizza!

All of this is a matter of perspective, though.

And this person’s perspective is that the crust is the main reason to eat a pizza. It’s a strange thought but to each their own.

Other people would rather have the actual pizza part.

Don’t waste bread – just get a giant pizza!

A graduate of mathematics kindly drew a diagram.

So now you can see the size disparity more clearly, with your own eyes!

Some found fault with the math.

Actually, no. They were just making pi jokes.

Here’s an alternate formula:

Who knew there was a whole niche for mathematical pizza jokes?

And you haven’t even seen all of them yet:

Get it? Because pi is irrational, and so is the idea that an 18-inch pizza is bigger than two 12? Yeah, it’s funny.

How helpful is this news, exactly?

It may be cost-effective, but it’s also effectively showing us how to eat as much pizza as we possibly can. Oh, well!

Not everyone handled the news gracefully.

You know, sometimes it’s sad to think of all that extra pizza we didn’t know we’d get out of an 18-inch pie.

Another Twitter user offered up this follow-up statistic:

Is a pizza with pineapple on it truly pizza at all? The world may never agree.

So if this is a pie chart…

I’m sure we’re all wondering now what a bar graph would look like! Probably very refreshing.

Some people put a LOT of thought into this.

It is important to account for all potential factors and variants when you’re calculating a thing like this!

Other people, not so much.

It’s okay to be flabbergasted!

Some were thinking more in terms of party-people, and less of just themselves.

And yeah, party guests probably would tend to go for more slices of pizza, rather than a couple that technically have more pizza in them.

And still others were very straightforward about the whole thing.

This is also true. If “slices” were a unit of measure, America would definitely know about it!

Many took it as a queue to eat more pizza.

Well, they aren’t wrong!

Or, alternatively, there’s this quick math:

Is it even math? It’s more just caving for two huge pizzas.

So next time, get your measuring tape ready.

Why not calculate amounts for all of our food, you know?

For now, you’re a little bit wiser on the whole thing.

So think back on this story the next time you’re ordering pizza! Share this pizza conundrum with your friends!