A Mom's Dangerous Trick to Help Her Baby Fall Asleep Is Getting Major Heat | 22 Words

Getting a baby to actually sleep is an exhausting task in and of itself, so it's not a surprise that many parents are looking for a little bit of help. That help, however, should not involve electronic kitchen appliances placed within inches of your baby.

That was the "genius" idea that has one anonymous mom in hot water on Reddit in a post that's been viewed more than one million times.

She attached a thick elastic band to secure a KitchenAid mixer to the mobile attached to her child’s bouncer chair.

via: Reddit

When the KitchenAid is turned on, its motion rocks the chair back and forth, allowing the baby to fall asleep or possibly lose a limb.

While it's possible it was only posted as a joke, the reaction on Reddit was pretty much what you would expect from people with common sense.

The irony is that the KitchenAid probably costs more than what an actual rocker would cost. Long story short, don't try this at home.