This Mom Is OUTRAGED By Her Son’s ‘Cooking’ Homework Assignment

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Do you remember drama class in middle school? You probably did skits about things like summer camp or unrequited love expressed through song or injecting crystal meth, right?

Wait… what?


Originally the project involved making an original skit about an old TV show using emotions.

…wait, what?

If it seems a little unorthodox to you to have middle schoolers perform a skit about crystal meth, you aren’t alone.

“I popped a blood vessel,” she told CBC News. “I was in a state of shock … I’m thinking this cannot be real.”  

That seems pretty crazy, right? But it didn’t stop there.


I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t recall that as part of my middle school experience.

She went on to say it’s “mind-boggling.” Yeah, at least.

“They do have that influence and impact.”

So what would become of this drama teacher and his “unique” method of teaching?

She couldn’t speak to the rationale behind the teacher’s decision to use the materials, but said the incident was “shocking and inappropriate.”

And rightfully so.

What series of thoughts would go through a teacher’s head to make him think that giving step-by-step instructions to middle schoolers on how to do meth?

“To think that all of what I’ve tried so hard to teach him — good principles, good values, moral character — the things that make you a man, a strong black man, and this is what an educator is giving to my child,” she said.

But the school board said it’s unlikely the details will be released publicly as it’s a “personnel issue.”