Seeing a cute dog when you're out in public can brighten your whole day. I, for one, am always on the lookout for a good pup, and if I spot one I'm quick to introduce myself (to the dog, not the owner).

This is why I totally sympathize with the Mom in this story. Sometimes you want to see a dog so badly that your eyes play tricks on you.

Dogs have recently developed a habit of disguising themselves as random objects.

Or more accurately, the Internet has developed an obsession with dogs that look like other things. Chihuahua or blueberry muffin is a classic.

Not even Shibas are immune to the "dog or food" game.

Is doge, or is marshmallow?

Dogs have even learned to disguise themselves as random household objects.

This game is getting harder and harder.
These are all fun and games, but it pales in comparison to this next "dog"...

When you first glanced at this photo, what did you see?

via: Twitter

A cute, well-behaved dachshund taking a siesta at its owner's feet? If the answer is yes, then you're not alone. But there's a twist.

This woman's mother had the exact same reaction...

...and her daughter documented the whole thing on Twitter. The reaction was huge, with many users expressing similar reactions to the purse-dog.

This woman pointed out the striking similarities.

When you squint your eyes, you really can't tell the difference. If only my dog were this well-behaved in public.

This user related by posting his hilarious experience.

It even looks like it's wearing a collar!

"That's a weird dog you have there."

Wait, seriously?

Haven't we all done this one before?

I love the mental image that this post evokes. This woman probably looked straight-up crazy, but not quite as crazy as this next user.

What a sweet little grill!

I'm sure this poster was horrified when flames started shooting out of the puppy's back.

Some of these are easier to confuse than others though.

Sharpei or chocolate is considerably more difficult than puppy or grill, at least.

This is always a fun game.

To be honest, they all look delicious.

Speaking of delicious...

I'll take them all, please. And maybe a side of honey mustard, just to be safe.

Bon appétit!