Becoming a parent is one of the most overwhelming moments of love, joy, and fear all balled up into one incomprehensible emotion. Many new and seasoned parents look towards Google or social media for answers, support, and reassurance that what they’re doing or how they are feeling is right. And many times what we’ll find is something so real, relatable and funny that we get the feeling that everything will be OK.

This is what Victoria Bolduc is accomplishing with her parenting comics on her Facebook and Instagram pages. Art by Victoria Buldoc is a parenting humor comic strip that was created by Victoria to express how she feels as a parent while also journaling her experience for her son and for herself. Victoria is using the amazing art skills she gained while studying Fine Art, but since becoming a parent, she felt that she didn’t have as much time to dedicate to her passion. Being the creative and witty person she is, she turned it into something she can enjoy while combining it with her other passion, being a mom. And bonus, it’s hilarious.

Parenthood is a tough gig, but with some resilience and the ability to put a lighthearted spin on it, it can be very rewarding. Check out some of  Victoria’s comics, I guarantee you will laugh.

Victoria started journaling every week before and after her son was born.

Her weekly tradition is to journal about what they did that week, take a video, and draw a comic.

As a first-time mom to an almost three-year-old, Victoria has a lot to journal about.

The inspiration is endless, and from a toddler, there's a new adventure every day.

She lost her dad at a young age and she wishes she had more to remember him, which is why she decided to journal her experience.

This is such a special and unique way to do it.

Victoria plans to share her journal and comics with her son when he’s an adult.

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I can only imagine how sweet the conversations will be. If there’s one thing I think we are all curious about and want to remember, it's what we were like as children.

She didn’t plan to share her comics on social media. Luckily for us, she has some great friends and family that encouraged her to do so.

A mom in a Facebook group that I’m in shared a few of Victoria's comics and I was immediately drawn (pun intended) to her art and of course, her humor.

Like this one. When mom is not in sight, the baby will scream louder than a howler monkey.

Cool, or not so cool, the thing about babies is that they know exactly the moment you are about to either relax or take a bite of food, that's the time they decide to cry.

When the baby thinks that everything near its mouth is a boob.

My husband can relate to this one since our baby thinks his shoulder is a boob.

The bad timing of a package delivery.

Also, the worst timing is when the baby just fell asleep and the doorbell rings for a delivery.

When mom-guilt hits.

Things happen that we probably could have prevented but didn't know they would happen. For example, when I'm carrying the baby around the house and I feel like I'm slaying at motherhood then all of a sudden the side of her head hits a doorway. Ugh!

When you're envious of your significant other sleeping soundly.

This one strikes a chord with every nursing mother in the world feeding their baby while their partner sleeps.

Kids will more than likely spit out their medicine.

It's the law, according to kids.

Am I a babywearing goddess?

To others I probably am, but most of the time I feel like a hot mess.

Dogs also have the worst timing.

This is exactly how it happens.

The most accurate comic I've ever seen.

It's amazing how sweet baby touches can go from gentle to Freddy Kreuger claws in what seems like seconds.

While Victoria's background is in Fine Arts, she probably also has a career in comedy-writing.

Based on how popular her Facebook page is becoming, people are relating to her humor and art. It may sound cheesy, but in the parenting world when they say "we're all in this together," it's very true. Victoria is sharing a tiny bit of her journey through her art and while we can see ourselves in them and laugh, we can also feel a sense of unity and support.

Like, when you can't stop worrying. It's a normal response to thinking about our kids growing up.

I think we can now understand why our moms were always worried or anxious.

Or the thrills, or not, of being spit up on.

It's pretty much part of the wardrobe now. This is one of those things that at the moment we find horrific and then it's one of those "enjoy it because it all goes by too fast" moments.

When you're trying to settle the baby down.

Poor little things don't understand that all they need to do is close their eyes. But it seems like cuddles are what they want and cuddles are what they'll get.

This is something I definitely do.

It's funny how we really need them to fall asleep and then miss them once they are.

A comic I'm sure every parent wouldn't mind sharing.

We need to get the word out. We don't want anymore unsolicited parenting advice.

When you're trying to make mom friends but then words start to come out of your mouth.

This is oddly familiar because I too am obsessed with murder documentaries.

When the front-facing camera betrays you.

This always happens.

We have so many plans for ourselves once the kids go to sleep.

None are likely to happen.

When you're trying not to overspend on Christmas.

Every year we tell ourselves not to buy the kids too many gifts, and every Christmas morning we realize how terrible we are at not doing that.

Been there and it hurts.

It's all fun and games when baby's start to grow teeth until they bite your finger or breasts while nursing.

We'll never really know but this sums it up well.

Anything and everything they can get their tiny hands on will end up in their mouth.

Victoria is every mom who actually slept for more than two consecutive hours.

It's an amazing feeling after only having slept in small increments of time once you bring a new baby home.

This sums up how parents feel when their toddler is having an epic meltdown, in public.

The more we try to get them to stop crying, the louder they'll scream. It's probably best to just let them get it out of their system.

We are all obsessed with our kids.

Totally relatable. If I could bottle my kids' new baby smell, I would.

Not even a cool mom like Victoria can resist the urge to dance to nursery rhymes.

Honestly, we're right there with her because if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. And it's fun!