This Movie Theater Sells Wine – And Lets You Bring Your Dog Along

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If someone were to ask me what my top ten favorite things in life were, dogs, wine and entertainment would certainly make the list. And never would I have thought that three of my favorite things could merge so effortlessly into one perfect setting!

Yep – that’s right. Dogs, wine and your favorite movies are about to combine for the hottest mixtape – I mean hangout – of the season. Well, that is if you live in Texas. This movie theater allows ticketholders to bring their furriest companions into each showing. Oh, yeah and they also have bottomless wine!

K-9 Cinema in Plato, Texas allows pet owners to bring their dog(s) to a movie screening.

Look at all those happy faces, and wagging tails!

For $15, the theater offers customers bottomless wine (or four whiskeys).

And of course, there are plenty of treats for their four-legged friends, too!

K9 Cinemas is truly one of a kind.

A special breed of cinema experience, one might say! Rather than traditional theater releases, the company runs themed nights and one-off screenings! Which isn’t too surprising, considering nothing is too traditional about this experience!

The company was found by Eric Lankford and his dog named Bear!

Eric noticed a need for both pet owners and dogs. Eric shared on Instagram how Bear has helped him strive for a better business: “A lot can change in a year. Exactly 1 year ago today this little guy rescued me from chasing only money with my former companies to chasing my dreams with K9 Cinemas.”

And while the experience sounds like a blast, Eric and Bear know how to keep things safe and professional.

All dogs require veterinary papers upon their first visit to the theater. This is to ensure that every dog is happy and healthy. Oh, and you also have to make sure to clean up after your dog…if you know what I mean.