People Are Saying This Silent Video Makes Them Hear Things

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Apparently, there’s a whole section of people on the Internet who believe that they hear sounds when they look at silent GIFs. They’re either complete magic or complete idiots, but it’s an interesting phenomenon to explore.

Below is a collection of GIFs from the Noisy GIFs subreddit followed by the one GIF that’s making everyone totally freak out right now. Even people who can’t normally hear GIFs are changing their tune (get it?) for this one. So how about it? Can you hear these silent GIFs? Or are you GIF deaf?

Tell me you don’t hear a muffled underwater explosion followed by tons of splashing! If you do tell me that, though, I’ll know you’re lying.

The title of this GIF says it all. Honestly though, he’s probably yelling, “Look at how squat and short and stocky and adorable I am! Love meeeeee!!!”

This bonkers GIF shows the power and the wonder of electricity. You also totally hear that bang-pop followed by a live sizzle, don’t you? Don’t lie to us.

There’s possibly nothing more peaceful on this planet than this perfect GIF of a relaxed dog bobbing up and down on a boat while the pink sky ripples in the water behind her. Plus, you’re totally hearing that floop, floop of the water lapping against the side of the boat.

Wait for it… Wait for it… And BAM. The amazing, hilarious grandma scream. There’s nothing better. Except for maybe this next GIF…which is taking Twitter by storm and totally freaking out anyone who looks at it…

Tens of thousands of people have retweeted and liked Lisa DeBruine’s tweet of this GIF of mighty cute jump-roping power lines. Because you can definitely hear it, can’t you?

While there are still two days left in the poll, “A thudding sound” is way ahead. Fifty-four percent of the 93,682 people who’ve voted say that they hear a thudding sound when they look at the GIF.

You can totally see how someone would hear a “whirling” sound when they look at this GIF. What a crazy case of the silent GIF that everyone seems to hear!

Boinging, whirring, thudding… Those are all appropriate sounds to hear when a power line is doing jump rope. At least no one is hearing a hyena laugh or a baby fart. That would be weird.

Wait, do you also hear a sound when you watch this Winnie the Pooh GIF? Because we do. Every GIF has sound now! What is this world!? Make it stop. But also don’t because it’s kind of cool.