This New York Street Artist Has the Ability to Turn Everyday Objects Into Gorgeous Works of Art

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We’ve done galleries before of “faces” that we see appear in everyday items. Well, one street artist isn’t just seeing faces — he’s seeing entire stories.

Then he’s illustrating them, so that every passerby can enjoy his wonderful imagination and talents.

But if you stop to study what’s around you, a new perspective emerges. Some people can see a whole new world.

He’s making the most out of it with these sometimes-simple, sometimes-complex creations. This is a simple one:

Chances are you’re not seeing anything TOO extraordinary.

A random water pipe becomes an elephant. As you can see from this pic his style veers towards the cartoony, which is a departure from much of the edgy fare street artists often create for the sake of credibility and “coolness.”

A water main gets turned into something a lot more engaging for passersby. And while NYC residents may see lots of pipes, a creation like this stands out and enriches their day for sure.

But that’s just because Tom Bob hasn’t worked his magic yet.

Unfortunately, much of this work is technically considered vandalism since he’s “defacing” property that isn’t his. But it’s hard to argue that he’s really harming it.

I mean, this isn’t exactly a museum he’s working in. It’s open air in a big city. It’s meant to be touched, altered, and maybe even covered up. It doesn’t belong to him when it’s done — it belongs to the neighborhood.

It’s such a fun marriage of boring city infrastructure and the surreal and fantastic.

What’s remarkable about this is that he’s able to produce it without jotting down a single word!

Why stare at a plain ol’ propane tank when you could have this to marvel upon? The owners must have done a quadruple-take when they saw this thing!