This Professor’s Adorable Quiz May Be the Only Test in History You’ll Actually Want to Take

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On a recent evening, college students in Vermont walked into their classroom expecting the usual — lectures, note-taking, and maybe a quiz or two. Instead, they got an adorable surprise and the best type of pop quiz imaginable.

Keep reading to hear about the only test in college history that you’d actually want to take.

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The combination of late-night partying and a less-than-spellbinding lecture topic is usually all it takes for many college kids to drift off at their desks. (Nevermind the fact that they could be wasting thousands of dollars of tuition money.) If only there was something that professors could do to liven up their classrooms…

Bring in a dog! Just imagine it: you walk into class, already dreading the monotonous hour that awaits you, and you spot the wagging tail and big, floppy ears of your professor’s furry friend, here to save the day. Well, that’s exactly what a University of Vermont professor did, and boy did it liven things up.

“The first time Maggie came into class, everyone was fawning over her,” student David Chapnick told The Dodo. “She is a very calm and lovable dog. Personally, I felt that having her in class really instilled a brighter mood and atmosphere, which is very helpful in a course that first starts at 7 o’clock in the evening.”

The quiz, which was how the professor took attendance that day, asked just one question: How do you feel about Maggie? The answers were as follows: A. She’s a good dog. B. She’s a very good dog, yes she is. C. She’s the best dog. D. She is the Platonic ideal of a dog. E. I don’t like dogs, but despite my generalized dislike of all things canine, I make an exception for Maggie, because that’s how great she is.

“Maggie is always very well-behaved,” he added. “For most of the class, she’ll be meandering in and out of the rows of students, stopping once in a while to sniff a bag or receive a pet from someone. Maybe once or twice a class, she’ll bark at the door, just to let my professor know that someone is there. But by the end of class, without fail, she will always be found right at the feet of our professor.” While we can’t speak for how the other students will do, we’re betting that Maggie will be getting an A++ in cuteness.