This Reddit Parody of ’10 Little Monkeys’ Is Parenting Perfection

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We’ve all heard 10 Little Monkeys, the story of primates jumping on a bed and ignoring the warning from their mother — typical kids, am I right?

But you’ve never heard a version quite like this thanks to some freaking geniuses over on Reddit.

Kate Blandford posted this hilarious status update on her Facebook page, but she had no idea it would quickly become a meme that would circulate wildly amongst parents — and anyone with a sense of humor.

“My partner and I like to make ‘updated’ nursery rhymes for our daughter and I’m pretty big into the pro-vax communities, so it just sort of came together,” Blanford said. “I only posted it on my wall. Others posted it to Reddit, and Dawn from Dawn’s Brain contacted me and then made the meme that went so viral.” But instead of just reading it on Reddit, users started adding in their own versus to the story, and that’s when things got hilarious. Consider it the “Sanctimommy Edition.”

Never change, Internet. Never change.