This ‘Regular’ Guy Spent 30 Days Eating and Training Just Like The Rock

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Earlier in his life, it was for football and wrestling. These days, it’s for movie roles and his own well-being. Training is a huge part of his life, but what happens when a “regular” person takes on the movie star’s training regimen? Will they see huge gains in muscle mass? A boost in metabolism? Will they collapse from eating too much?  

For thirty days, he planned to eat, sleep, and train like The Rock. He kept a blog to document the changes to his 6’3″, 251-pound body at the outset of the project.

So much training! Early, late, seemingly non-stop.

I don’t know if this lifestyle is sustainable for a “regular” person, but if you or anyone else can take elements from it, you’ll certainly find yourself fitter than you were before.