This Rescue Dog’s Inspiring Weight-Loss Journey Will Make You Stand Up and Cheer

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Losing weight can be a never-ending struggle, and it’s easy to feel a complete lack of motivation when you’re trying to change eating and exercise habits.

Luckily, a spunky little dog is here to inspire us all to keep going, even when the end goal seems impossible.

After hearing her story, you’ll be anxious to get off the couch and get moving!

The shelter recently took in Miss Butterworth, a 9-year-old small breed dog with a goofy personality and eyes that could melt anyone’s heart. But there was just one issue… She had a bit of a weight problem. “She had a little tiny head and a great big body, and she just looked like a giant stuffed grape,” said Sharon Wood, Miss Butterworth’s foster. She arrived weighing around 20 pounds, which doctors identified as morbidly obese for a dog her size.

The shelter decided to put her on a strict diet and exercise regimen as well as launch an online campaign to track her weight loss progress. The goal was to drop ten pounds, about half her body weight. After a few updates on social media, one thing became clear…  

Each post would get hundreds of likes and comments of support for the determined canine. Because of the attention Miss B. was attracting, the shelter decided to use the campaign as a way of raising donations. “Many of you have been following Miss Butterworth’s inspiring weight-loss journey,” the shelter wrote in a Facebook update. “She came to us around 20 pounds, barely able to move and having trouble breathing, due to morbid obesity. She needed to be about half her size, and Miss Butterworth’s life was in danger. Fast forward to her latest weigh-in … Miss B. was down to 15.9 pounds!!!”

Miss Butterworth’s efforts were paying off big time, and the town of Asheville rallied around the motivated pup. “I think a lot of people can relate to her weight-loss story,” said a shelter employee.

Here she is all decked out for Halloween. Wicked cute is right! She already looks like a completely different dog than when she first came to Asheville Humane Society.

The benefit featured live jazz music, a silent auction, and pups from the shelter dressed to the nines in their best jazz-era costumes. This flapper ensemble really shows off Miss B’s svelte figure!  

She had shed enough weight to be cleared for surgery. “In addition to getting spayed, today Miss Butterworth will also have a dental, as her teeth are in desperate need of cleaning. Dental care is extremely important to the overall health of our pets!” said the Facebook post.

She’s currently recovering beautifully, and is no doubt looking forward to many more happy and active years. “GREAT NEWS!!!” said a Facebook update. “Miss Butterworth is safe and sound, resting comfortably after her surgery today!!! Her spay went very well and so did her dental cleaning. One of her teeth needed to be pulled, but maybe the tooth fairy will visit her foster home tonight  Here’s Miss B. feeling a little groggy, but enjoying her cozy heated bed!”

This pup’s amazing journey proves that it’s never too late for second chances. Now all she needs to do is find her forever home. #TeamButterworth 4EVER!