This Scantron Meme Is Way Too Real for Anyone Who Used to Take Tests | 22 Words

Get your number two pencils ready! You are about to take a stroll back in time, all the way back to high school, the days of pimples, proms, and seemingly endless numbers of scantron tests. Remember those? For every multiple choice test, you had to use a number two pencil to completely fill in the bubble answers on a scantron seat, which was then fed into a machine to calculate your grade.

The effect of seeing all the answers in dark bubbles was always unnerving. You suddenly became suspicious of your answers if there was suddenly more than two B's in a row. You started to notice patterns that maybe weren't even there. The scantron added a whole other level of anxiety to test-taking that we definitely did not need. We remember them fondly. And now, scantron tests have become a meme! How would popular figures fill out scantron sheets? Well, you are about to find out.

Once I graduated high school, I thought I'd said goodbye to scantron tests forever.

And yet, here we are today. About to look at 29 scantrons. You might want to pay attention because there will be a quiz at the end of this gallery. Just kidding. Calm down.


Get it? Because when they make noises, dolphins say, "Eeeeeee!" If only all tests were this easy.


No matter what the answers actually were, Jesus would form a cross from the bubbles, and suddenly those would be the correct answers.

Old MacDonald

E-I-E-I-O! Man, I haven't thought about Old MacDonald in a long time. And now it's stuck in my head.


Baaaaaaa! Old MacDonald and this sheep are both taking scantron tests. What kind of farm even is this?

50-year-old dads

50-year-old dads loooove ACDC. That's like, their target demographic.

Famous pig

As a huge fan of Babe, I love this tweet. And Babe could talk, so he could probably take scantron tests.

The Scream

Don't worry about how a famous painting will take a scantron test. This is an abstract meme. The meme in and of itself is art!

The Fonz

"Aaaaaaaaayyyy!" This works because of the Fonz's catchphrase and because he's probably not a very good student and would choose all A's.

Nic Cage in The Wicker Man

This is pretty hilarious if you know what scene in The Wicker Man this is referencing. Basically, Nic Cage yells, "Not the bees!" Hence, no B's filled in.

George Thorogood

In case you need a refresher, George Thorogood sings "Bad to the Bone" ... "B-b-b-b-b-bad to the bone," to be lyrically accurate.

Best Swedish pop group of all time

I don't think anyone would argue the fact that ABBA is the best Swedish pop group of all time. And if you would, get out.


Rrrrrrrrr you saying that pirates would pick all R's on a scantron test?

David Draiman

Pretty sure he's known for this signature singing. I'm not a fan of Disturbed, but I'm sure they're great.


Here's the thing, though. Snakes couldn't take scantron tests because they don't have arms.

No hand-eye coordination

It would be a struggle to take a scantron test for someone with terrible hand-eye coordination. Those bubbles are small!

Gwen Stefani

Ugh, now I have "Hollaback Girl" stuck in my head and I did not ask for this! Pretty sure no one has ever asked for that.

Forgetful test-taker

Well, yeah, I suppose if you forgot your pencil you wouldn't be able to fill in the bubbles. I feel kind of sad for this imaginary test-taker.


Is this because Canadians say, "Ay!" a lot? Or because they're ace at everything? Canadians are the best.

Buddy the Elf

I love Elf and I could watch it every single day of my life. The way Will Ferrell yells, "Dadddd!" at James Caan is priceless.


Get it? Because everything is flipped when you're down under! Sidenote: How do you even make upside-down letters like that?

Dad joke

This is a scantron test meme and a dad joke all in one. Hats off to this internet genius.

Coach's son playing SS

Whenever the coach's dumb son gets put in the hot seat, all he does is commit errors (E's) all game long.

Tony Stark and Steve Rogers

Spoiler alert! Here's the thing: Whatever happens, Avengers: Endgame is going to be very dramatic. Probably the saddest superhero movie to date.


Get it? "To be or not to be... That is the question." In this case, it's also the answer.

Pachelbel's Scantron

I'm no musician, but I think if you play these notes in this order, you'll get "Pachelbel's Canon."

Blue aliens

"I'm blue, da-ba-dee-da-ba-di!" This song is a bop and no one can tell me differently. Eiffel 65 forever!

Freddie Mercury

Man, that dude could sing. Simply looking at the "AAAAO!" on the scantron sheet, I can hear his voice!


This is a funny joke and all, but do you really think he knows how to spell the word "wall"? I'm not convinced.


Scantrons make everyone feel stupid. You're not alone. Share this with a master test-taker in your life!