This Soap Brand Has the Most Specific, Hilarious, and Relatable Names for Its Soaps

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Few things move faster than the world of advertising. If a brand can’t keep itself up-to-date and relevant, it sounds a death knell for the product in question, no matter what it is. Sure, some things are easier to sell than others (we’re looking at you, toilet paper), but most products have to find a way to stay fresh, compelling, and memorable to consumers.

And some brands take the “memorable” aspect of advertising to lengths unseen.

Whiskey River Soap Co. is such a brand. With colorful bar soaps and wit to spare, this company is determined to make sure its customers stay clean, and laugh along while they banish dirt.

It doesn’t matter what the product is, if someone’s selling it, there’s a good chance we’re being bombarded with promos about it. Advertisers pay big bucks to make sure consumers are hearing about, seeing, and spreading the word about the next big thing. It’s an eternal competition to win over the public and convince everyday shoppers they can’t live without a certain something.

While advertising is constant, it used to be restricted to TV, billboards, and the occasional radio spot. If you didn’t like it, turning off the TV was pretty easy to do. Brands were still eagerly competing for our attention, but there was a fighting chance we could choose to shut it all off for a few minutes.

Internet changed the marketing game forever. TV and billboards were still a means to reaching consumers, but online branding was an entirely different animal altogether. Suddenly, pop-up ads infiltrated our lives, and any chance we had to block out the noise while we worked, gamed, or chatted with friends was next to zero.

What’s a brand to do to cut through the noise? Well, these days, it takes a great idea to run ahead of the pack. If you’re a company who has the funds, sponsoring the half-time show at the Super Bowl is one way to go. But for everyone else, it takes creativity. Heading down the tech-gimmick route is always solid (iPhone X, anyone?). If a futuristic product seems ahead of the curve, consumers are all over it.

If you’re a company selling something that doesn’t fall in the “new technology” category, you have a tougher road ahead. There are only so many ways a brand can present paper towels, milk, and everyday pantry staples in a fun, new light. It’s stuff we all have to buy, but to reach for that brand, the advertising has to be smart and eyecatching.

This soap purveyor knows what it takes to keep ahead of the advertising game. Which is great because they’re not exactly selling anything new. Soap has been a staple in households forever.

While the colorful bars of soap certainly look cool, it’s Whiskey River’s ability to craft a tagline that fuels its fan base. In just a couple lines, the brand can take a mundane toiletry item and turn it into a joke most people seem to get. Relying on current buzzwords, sentiments, and phrases plays right into this strategy.

It helps immensely that Whiskey River Co. offers several different types of products. Along with notepads scrawled with catchy phrases on them, the sassy soap brand also makes a funny line of bath bombs. We’re not sure exactly how a PB&J bath smells in person, but the label on this fizzy bath bomb makes it tempting enough to want to find out.

Successful selling hinges on presenting a consistent self-image on every platform. Whiskey River understands this and makes sure its signature humor touches everything from packaging to the “about” section on the website: “All product ideas are conceived in a now-defunct underground military training facility in an undisclosed location and transmitted via (low sodium) soup can to our brand-new, state-of-the-art, mid-century-modern-but-not-totally-IKEA offices in like Burbank or Dubuque. Somewhere like that.”

Leaving no marketing stone unturned, as this Twitter user pointed out, Whiskey River Co. wastes no space on its packaging. Flip over any soap and you’ll find bonus content, and, by the looks of how these products are received on social media, this surprise-and-delight approach is a hit.

“We think there’s a place for both quality and humor to exist together, and hope you agree.” So goes the mantra of this witty and brand-conscious soap maker. All things considered, it looks like they’ve taken this sentiment to heart and put out a fun line of products that not only smell and look great — they may just make you smile too.