This story is cute on so many levels.

Prepare to meet Jill, the squirrel that was rescued during Hurricane Isaac back in 2012.

During the tropical typhoon which ripped through Louisiana that summer, Jill fell out of her nest. A passerby decided to take her home temporarily until the storm was over.

Fast forward 7 years and Jill is still living with her savior. The now insta-famous squirrel has become very domesticated- she even has her own laptop!

Keep scrolling to see the pictures of Jill in all her domesticity. It's adorable...

How do you do?

I must warn you, Jill is quite the poser...

Jill lives like a queen.

Her owner has made sure that Jill has everything a domesticated squirrel might desire.

Including her own laptop...

Which was apparently a special gift she got for her birthday.

Teddy bear love.

Jill loves her mini teddy bear most of all. She clings to it as a wild squirrel would cling to the last acorn of the season.

Rub my belly.

Jill has become so domesticated she acts just like a pet cat or a dog!

Jill loves to dress up...

Or at least Jill's owner loves to dress her up- and we love to see it! This look is called "Vacation Barbie."

Play dead.

I swear I've never seen such a playful squirrel.

Snug as a bug.

There's nothing Jill loves more than tucking up in fluffy blankets to wind down in the evening.

Are you ready for winter?

It looks as though Jill is!

Jill is a real hard worker.

According to her owner, "Jill is a devoted employee who really knows how to boost morale. Her favorite times of the day are second breakfast, lunch, snack time, and nap time. Can be seen calling the shots from her cat tree, working intently wrapped up in her baby blanket in my lap, or securely snuggled around my neck in a scarf for client calls."

"Om mani padme hum"

Apparently Jill loves licking Buddha's face.

Jill keeps up with public holidays.

Not sure if she went trick or treating though...

Jill loves a party.

But she's always in bed by 9.

Jill has her own private living quarters.

But she can come and go around the house as much as she likes. Can you spot Jill chilling in the corner?

A mug fit for a princess.

Jill has a lot of fans across the world that send her their fan art.

Who's that girl?

Jill is quite the model for anyone looking to paint a domesticated squirrel.

Jill is honored, naturally...

I mean who doesn't like getting their portrait painted by randos off the internet?

Does Jill think she's a dog?

I guess she has become a bit of a squirrel/dog hybrid.

Jill has become body art!

One loyal fan of Jill's Insta page took the plunge and got a snap of the squirrel permanently tattooed onto her arm.

Jill loves to snuggle.

This domesticated squirrel feels most secure tucked into her owner's bosom.

The bond between these two is clear.

I've never seen such a close relationship between a human and a squirrel. This is some Disney level animal-loving.

Sleepy Jill.

Jill loves a good nap, especially when she's all wrapped up in her favorite blanket.

She's just a girl that likes to hang out...

She's a chill squirrel with a chill life.

She's also creative...

When Jill isn't preoccupied with naps or getting her picture taken, she likes to try her hand at painting. It's good for the soul.

"Who ate all the frosting?"

"Wasn't me!"

I wanna hold your hand.

Jill and her owner have their own secret handshake...

Jill is half Irish...

She likes nothing more than unwinding with a thimble of Guinness.

Jill watches TV.

Her favorite show is Keeping Up With The Kardashians but she just can't stand Khloe, there's just something about her she doesn't trust...

Jill likes to ponder the state of the world.

She can get pretty existential for a domesticated squirrel...

Have you ever seen such a cute squirrel though?

I'm sorry but I'm just gonna leave this here... anyone who doesn't agree that Jill is the cutest squirrel in all the land seriously isn't looking properly. Continue scrolling to see the impressive shots a wildlife photographer captured of a wild squirrel sniffing a daisy...